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a weigh in wonder???

C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
so ive been doing CD since 3/9/08.. sole source only for 4 days 810 before then. my first weigh in on day 5 was a slightly dissapointing 3lb hense going on sole source.. yesterday was sooo hard i felt really hungry & was constantly craving a big fat cheese sandwich it was as if i had a little man on each shoulder one saying EAT ME!!! one saying DONT DO IT!!!.... i didnt do it..instead drunk loads of water & then decided to jump on the scales in the evening, which i try not to do to avoid dissapointment but thought if id lost more id have loads more incentive to beat the craving... to my horror i had stayed the same! i got on..off..on..off the result was the same! how could this be ive been in ketosis?? im on day 10!! anyway i decided to go to bed & forget it. this morning i couldnt help it i jumped on again.... &.. OMG... 3lb down!!!!!!!! "it cant be" so again on..off..on..off... still 3lb down.
so now ive come to think that the water we drink in a day on CD does make a difference to our weigh-ins. i think if anyone becomes really dispondent with your eve or day weigh-in, try it first thing in the morning when your body has had time to proccess your water & satchets.. it just might give you back the motivation you need.. it did for me!!! :D i will put my new weight on my ticker on my full second week weigh-in which im now looking forward too!!!! xxx
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Hi I was reading something by Icemoose somewhere about water <hope you don't mind me saying that Icemoose> He said that he attributes much of his consistently big losses to drinking plenty of water. I am trying so hard to up my water levels and keep them up too. Good luck with your next official weigh in.



Trying to stay healthy!
that's sounds really positive for your next weigh in, well done for keeping with it and good luck !!.



destination .... SLIMSVILLE!
S: 83kg C: 80.9kg G: 70kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.1kg(2.51%)
Hey Dizzy, This is my day 2 and I've been doing 790 as my BMI is not that bad however, I am wondering now if I should go onto SS until my first weigh in (Thursday) just to have a good loss I'm hoping and praying for 5.5lbs??

What do you think?

Hi Dizzy
Well done on the weight loss.
I have found I can gain as much as 3 lbs in a day if I weigh myself at night having drunk loads of water. Water must be very heavy!
The trick though is to spread the water out during the day and not drink too much late at night.
Well done on resisting the cheese sandwich. I read somehwre that part of the reason some people are overweight is that ther mind has confused the thirsty signal with one of being hungry. So everytime we feel we need something we reach for food. Sole source is very hard to start with but stick with it because the pain is definitley worth it. You will lose at least a stone a month. I lost a stone approx every three weeks - never known any diet like it!
C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
raven you are sooo right about the water.. i stand on those dreaded scales on a night after all that water & every night a 3lb weight gain! i will stick to it... i cant wait till people start noticing the loss! xx


destination .... SLIMSVILLE!
S: 83kg C: 80.9kg G: 70kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.1kg(2.51%)
Stay strong remember a loss is a loss as they say.



Wants to shed pounds more
I know how you feel dizzy. Sometimes I feel like chowing down on all the junk my folks have just have (but mostly they keep it tactfully out of site). Everytime they are about to sit down to a main meal, I disappear up here and post to you guys - you are my savior :)

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