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a weight loss query

It does vary person to person but I lost 4st 13lbs in 100 days last year when I did Lighter Life ---- am hoping for something as good this time!
Thanks for that- how come u r diong it again. God i hope i am not still doing it this time next year
Hi Jill

I lost 3 stone 10 in my first 11 weeks so at a guess I'd say 12 weeks for 4 stone but obviously it's different for everyone...good luck!


Back to the grindstone!!
It is so individual that it is difficult to speculate. There are so many factors to consider, your current weight, your activity levels and those whilst you are on the plan.
I think that you just need to go with the flow and see how you react to it. I think I was under a stone a month loss but as the weight was coming off I didn't mind that it wasn't as quick as others. It's not a competition after all. Just see it as a loss and the next week will take care of itself.
I think I was abstinant for 7 months and lost 6.5stone.
Your losses are good so far so just keep with it and by the middle of summer you will be all slinky!!!
Good luck!
They say if you follow the plan, 100%, all your packs and all your water, you will lose 1 stone a month.

I lost just under 2 stones my first month - but I started at a much higher weight then you - 20 stone - the heavier you are the faster it comes off - at first.

As said before, its all individual. As long as you are following th eplan, the weight will come off - at whatever speed the body is willing to let it go.

Good luck to you! You'll be done before you know it!

I lost 4 stone 8 in 12 weeks but it has slowed to about a stone a month now. I work on that figure so I can roughly estimate my end date. everyone is different but as others have said... if you stay in abstinence the weight will come off and come off quickly :D
I agree it could be a stone a month if you stay in complete abstinence. As you get smaller it would be good to increase your exercise as this will also help.

Also as you get smaller (oh I love that word) you will feel like you can do more without trying.:D


Happily pro pointing!
I have lost 4 stone in 3.5 months with an average of 3.75 pounds per week. The time has really flown by for me.
As for exercise, I walk about 1 hour per day on the school walk and we usually go for a walk at the weekend, I have a cross trainer which I use occasionally, but that is about it. However, I will now be upping the exercise to help keep it off.

Started RTM yesterday.

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