Aaaaargh total meltdown!


My CDC came tonight to drop off next weeks supply of shakes....and after she'd gone..I went crazy! I started last Friday and had nothing but my three shakes, 4 litres of water and the occasional black coffee but tonight...I'd had a really really long day and after my weigh in I ate 3 chocolate bars, a packet of crisps, some stew, a slice of cake, a cup of tea, 2 walnut whips and a cheese sandwich. I feel really really ill now and have no idea why I went on that binge...feel like a fat disgusting out of control thing and I bet I've ruined all my weight loss this week. :(
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Aww love! We're human! You havn't ruined anything!

You can't take back what you've eaten now she just put it down as a blip and get right back on that horse! And it's just one day, you havn't ruined the whole week!

Just remember how crap you feel right now and hopefully it'll help you the next time you get tempted to binge!



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Don't be too hard on yourself - and if you're gonna have a binge, best to do it right after your weigh in, then you have a whole week to be good before next weigh in. This will just be like your first week all over again and if you are good, I am sure you will see a big weight loss on the scales next week.

I know we're not supposed to, but I always treat myself on the evening of my weigh in because I figure I have a whole week in front of me to SS and I haven't gained yet.

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try not to be so harsh on yourself you have got it out in the open, once you strt eating treats its so easy to just binge cause your mind things "I have brokrn it now so may as well carry on" I did it last week had some chocolate and hot pot and snacks at my nephews birthday party! Just get straight back on it tomorrow and be poud of how well you have done so far!!x:):)


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it was a blip hun you cant change it so move past it, i know you feel pretty rubbish right now so try and remember this if you feel like wavering next time big hugs hun xxxxx


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Next time you feel like it may happen get on here quick!! I've had to read posts numerous times, to inspire me!! I know how easy it can be to slip up when you feel low. Thats what we used food for in the past hey?? good luck this week, Simone x


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Don't worry, I think it is better you had a hiccup at the start of your diet. Think to yourself, I'm sure the food was nice - but was it worth it. Did it really taste that good?????? Or did you just get pleasure for a few seconds & then feel awful afterwards. Remember nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.
Put it to the side, and move on - we are all human. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit & 21 days to break a habit.