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Aaaargh!! Water weight!

OK, so due to several reasons I slipped off the Atkins wagon at the weekend and ate normally. Of course, I knew even before I weighed myself yesterday that I'd gained weight - I could tell just by looking at my tummy in the mirror, I'd put it all on around my middle. And I was right, I'd gained 3 pounds!! :mad:

I'm not too worried, I know its only retained water, I didn't eat enough to even gain 1 pound, let alone 3, but this morning only a pound of the gained weight has gone despite trying hard yesterday.

What is the best and quickest way to get rid of this so I can get back on track? How long will it take to go?
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Just eat induction style, less than 20g of carbs, mostly from green veg. It doesn't all just fall off overnight - it takes a few days to a week to lose your glycogen stores and get into ketosis the first time and it can be the same each subsequent time you need to. Well done for getting back on the wagon.


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Drink tons of water and stay low end of carbs as RB says. Ideally dont weigh yourself for a week:)


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ditto the above :) it happens to all of us at one time or another


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Ah, dont worry about it. Just get back on the wagon and dont even so much as look at the scales for a week! I fall off the wagon every other week - my willpower flails a bit! lol!
Aww, thanks all. :)

It's certainly easier said than done to say keep off the scales all week! I can't help hopping on the scales at LEAST once a day! And yes, we all know we weigh less first thing in the morning and weight fluctuates throughout the day so we should weigh ourselves at the same time of day, but I've done so well to get this far and I'm very proud of what I've achieved, and even a 1/4lb loss is still exciting for me!

Oh well, onwards and upwards - back to the water....
I had what you might call a wee night off from Atkins last night - cough! - and no way am I going near a set of scales for at least a week.

We're only human and at times, we slip! ha ha.
Hee hee, will be adding celery and dandelion tea to my weekly shopping list from now on!

Well, not only has the 3lbs now gone, but an extra 1lb too! So back on track. Woo hoo!!

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