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  1. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    My scales are stuck and its got me in a right mood.

    I know i know i know i shouldnt panic about it so why is it still doing my head in? I dont even weigh in til tomorrow.

    I was soooooo focussed on getting 4.5lbs off this week to get me to 4 stone off and its not going to happen and i just feel, oh i dont know...hopeless? disappointed? I know its not the be all and end all and i know i couldnt have done anymore and i know that next week will prob be a better one (its fast becoming apparent that i'm a "fortnightly" loser). So why do i feel so crap despite knowing all these things. Aaaarrghhh i want it to stop eroding my confidence and self belief. I just wanted to break that cycle this week of good loss, not so good loss. I wanted to prove that there wasnt a pattern and i feel like i've failed and i'm embarrased that i was so confident at my weigh-in last week that i could disprove the pattern.

    I had a stomach virus bug thingy for 3 days last week and i think due to all the toilet activity my body is hanging on to every last ounce for all its worth :sigh:

    I saw some friends yesterday for the first time in about 8 weeks and they were all saying how well i looked and how i was doing great and i felt sooooo good and confident and slim(mer lol) then i step on the scales this morning and poof! its gone and my mood has just gone through the floor. Briefly i thought, right, lets get some walking done today, as we didnt get out last week due to aforementioned tummy troubles & my need to stay close to a toilet. Now my little boy has been sick 4 times this morning already and its looking like another day cooped up in the house with my brooding mood, mopping up sick.
    Please oh please let him be ok once he has his nap so that i can get out in the sunshine and try to lift my spirits (and maybe help shift the scales :rolleyes:)

    Sorry, self-indulgent rant over :eek: needed to get it all out and oh great, now i'm crying. How stupid is that?:sigh::eek:
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  3. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

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    was cambridge now exante
    oh hun, if you want to cry then let it out

    youve done great and stayed firmly on track while being ill
    wait till your weigh in, you could be plesently suprised, some people have found that their weight seems to stay at the one level for it to suddenly drop for weigh in

    sorry your wee one is sick, hoping hes better very soon, nothing worse than having to clean up when your feeling grotty yourself

    hope you get to go out in the sun for a while ( have been known to do a few laps of the garden when my wee ones sleeping )

  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    awww karen (((((hugs)))) :grouphugg::grouphugg:

    Keep of those damm scales there sooo evil. even if you dont lose that much or sts this week forget about it you have been 100% and you know that you will have a good loss next week. When i started i was like that aswell a great loss then sts or 1lb then a huge loss.

    Its coming of girl just taking it's wee time, You are doing fab and should be so proud.Now stop that crying pull yourself together. Hopefully your son will be feeling better it's horrible seeing a child sick what if you wrap him in a blanket and stick in buggy then go for a walk in the afternoon that might help the two of ye get some excercise and fresh air might do ye the world of good. Sorry i dont know how old your son is maybe he's to big for a buggy?

    Sorry for ranting on i just dont want you to feel down karen your doing really well. Nearly 4stone of that is a huge achievement.

    becky xxx
  5. LizDesigns

    LizDesigns Silver Member

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    Hope you're feeling a bit better now.
    It's a real pain when the scales stick, i've just got back from my wi and only lost 1lb again this week. I was just 1lb short of reaching an overweight bmi.
    Even if they do stick this week, it just means you'll have a great loss next week.
    Keep your spirits up, you've done sooo well. :D
  6. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member


    I know how you feel as I am a scale hopper that lives in permanent turmoil.

    Good luck for a loss this week - and by the way wow 4st is marvelous.

  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    sorry to butt in well done liz thats great, you lost 7 the week before bet you have a big loss next week again! xx x
  8. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Thank you girls, feeling a bit better (still a bit grumpy though :eek:).

    Little one STILL asleep :eek: but hopefully he'll be ok and at the very least we can get out in the garden for a while this afternoon and he can "help" me with some weeding, which will entail lots of me chasing him round the garden trying to stop him pulling the heads off my flowers or digging up my herbs :rolleyes: lol

    Liz well done on your loss this week - you're doing great:)
  9. princessbunny

    princessbunny Full Member

    big hugs hunni try and think positive the scales might supprise you tomo big hugs xxxx
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