Extra Easy Aaargh Wetherspoons!!


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I went out last night with my friend and thought that the 8oz sirloin steak with a jacket potato and veg would be my best bet on an EE day.

How wrong I was! 38(!) Syns later and I'm feeling really rubbish - I had a small gain last week so I really wanted to be 100% this week to try and get my weight loss started again :(

I'm trying to put it behind me but really annoyed!!
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I will do this!!!
why was it 38 syns??


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Wetherspoons syn values are mega-high arent they? I think a 5 bean chilli with Nachos is something like 74 syns!!! Scary!!!
You weren't to know that the syns were so high on what was, at face value, a healthy option so try not to feel bad about it. You did your best and I'm sure you'll pull it back and get a loss at your next weigh-in. Keep your chin up! xxx


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why was it 38 syns??
I'm wondering the same thing. Because there are free foods in the meal, I think there would be fewer syns in it than one would think!


our slimming world instructor was on about this exact meal its in the directory aparantly they deep dry it to get the chrispyness on it all..

however it would be free if it was cooked at home the healthy way. it is astonishing really


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Wetherspoons syn values are mega-high arent they? I think a 5 bean chilli with Nachos is something like 74 syns!!! Scary!!!

five bean chilli nachos is 70 syns
five bean chilli with rice and tortilla chips is 4.5 syns on green and extra easy


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Aren't the potatoes injected with oil too?


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You and me both! I had the burger today, knowing it was bad but 60 1/2 syns is worse than my worst nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boycotting the place now!


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Last week I was getting a kitchen fitted so had to eat out for 5 nights.
I went to an Italian one night and had spag bol, for the other four nights I went to pubs (not Wetherspoons) and had carvery twice and gammon, pineapple JP and peas twice. On three nights, I had a few alcoholic drinks too.

I was dreading weigh in, thinking about the hidden syns that could have been in the meals, but I stayed exactly the same!

I'm glad I didn't go to Wetherspoons now, I would never have thought that meal could equal that many syns!!!!

Can I just ask, how didi you find out about the syns? Is there a book?


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If you're a class member you'll find them in the members section of the website - syns online.


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there's also a thick book called the Food Directory 2010. it gives the syn values for supermarket and branded foods and there's an eating out section at the back of it.

makes for good bed time reading!


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Wetherspoons steaks have added oil in them to keep them moist and the jackets are smothered in oil on and under the skins to make them tastier.


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Its very irresponsible - and dishonest - of these food outlets to be doing this isnt it? We go in trying our best to make healthy choices and they're just clobbering us every time. Its the same with places like Subway and Pizza Hut. They all pay lipservice to 'low fat' this and ' healthy' that but its all a load of old c**p - its all about the profits. Phew - I feel better for that now!!!!!!!