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Just back from sw and ive gained again, it was 1/2lb last week and 1lb this week!
Dont know what else to do, ive stuck to ee this week and done success express last week, i must be doing something wrong but dont know what, i stick to plan 100% and exercise, there were ladies in front of me saying all the bad things they have eaten and they lost!

My C gave me some SAS logs to do this week, and said that maybe i should think about calling target next week, anybody have any advise???:sigh::mad::cry:
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i think the last little bit is the hardest (so ive been told many times, i am not able to comment myself)

Congratulations on your fab loss already - you can do this last bit, but perhaps need to change to red or green to shake things up a bit!

Good luck xxx


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Trying some red and green days might be worth a shot - just to mix it up a little. Do you do any exercise? Could you push that harder?

My mum has lost about 7 stone doing EE and she's finding the last stone the hardest to lose... don't give up if you don't want to!

Like peagirl989 said, you've done amazingly well losing all that weight already. Good luck with the rest :)

The last few pounds are notoriously hard believe me I know.

Try not to let it get you down and just keep at it you will get there.

Make sure you are still eating meals you really enjoy so at least your not getting bored with your food.

Well done on your amazing progress to date. How about trying a complete new menu this week of stuff you haven't had for ages just to try and freshen it up? Either way I am in awe of you, and am sure your original target will be achievable with just a last dig in.


I want to be fitter again
I had to really reduce my portion size to lose the last stone . I calculated that whilst doing EE or red or green I was still consuming way too many calories for my lesser weight. It was fine at the begining but not near the end xx
why dont you ask your C if you can try 'Fast Forward' its a plan they let you try for up to two weeks. Its quite strict but its good if you're struggling near target or are just sticking. Might give you that last push.

Good Luck and well done on your loss so far

Thankyou everyone, i guess i will have to just stick at it and try again this week