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AAM week

The 'Add a Meal' menu is used as a natural break after four weeks on Sole Source, and is also the first part of the stabilisation process once target weight is achieved. Sometimes referred to as the 'green and white' meal, this menu introduces selected lean protein and vegetables to supplement the Cambridge meal options.
  • 3 or 4 Cambridge meals
  • 3oz (80g) portion of white fish
  • 3oz (80g) poultry meat (without skin or fat)
  • 3oz (80g) quorn or tofu
  • 3oz (80g) skimmed milk cottage cheese
  • 2tbsp 'white or green' vegetables (cooked or raw) such as spring greens, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, marrow, broccoli, celery, cress, courgettes or cucumber.
Continue to drink at least 4pt (2.25ltr) of water per day, and as much unsweetened black tea or black coffee as you want.

Ummm I'm guessing it might be a small chicken breast.. Tescos do a 500g pack of chicken breasts and that contains four, so would be roughly 2/3rds of one of those breasts (make sense?) lol
Yea me too.. Im also anxious over the whole AAM and something solid triggering my munchies off.. Im only on day 17, so got a while.. Hope your AAM week goes well, be interested to hear about it

Yeah thats exactly how I feel.

I love the fact I don't have to think about food at the moment and worry that this will bring back all my food issues.

I have asked on here before and most people recommended it as it gives your weight loss a kick etc so going to give it a go :)
Yea me too.. my CDC said AAM would keep me in touch with food during my SS.. she did AAM and lost 12st in a year, so must work.. plus I want to know I can eat alittle and not return back to old habits..
Well she definately is worth listening to her weight loss is brilliant.

I think thats a good way to look at it. I mean if I do it next week and control myself then that in itself is a sign that I have changed from my old eating habits that got me this size.
The whole reason of having AAMW is to protect your lean muscle tissue, as you don't want to loose this. I have not got that faar yet, but my friend has and she felt really bloated after each meal, and stayed in ketosis the whole time. She had no problems going back to SS

I hope this helps x
Do you have to do AAM or is it up to you?

I think it will be good for hubby to know that every now and then he is going to have some food.

Do you have a meal every day for that week or just once?
Official guideline is you do it every 5th week and you have 3 shakes and a meal made up of the above every day.

I know some people don't do this but carry on with just shakes but alot of people on here have recommended doing it as it can kickstart your metabolism again :)

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