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AAMW Blues


Well I'm in to my 5th week on CD and in AAM week, and I hate it !
I've had no problem with SS - just very easy and never hungry.
Now though on AAM I feel so miserable after my alowed meal. Please don't get me wrong the foods ok and after it I don't wont any more, I just feel so guilty for eating.
Do you think CD has given me eating disorder!!! ;)

Only kidding, but have any of you had the same kind of feelings in AAM week?


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I Know what you mean - i'm on day 6 of my AAM. I get this cloud of doubt start to come over me after i've finished my meal - worrying that i may have got the measurements of veg wrong, or like feeling i shouldn't be eating and that all my hard work prior to AAM is going to be undone . Its a horrible feeling isn't it?? I think because i only lost 1lb last WI it hasn't helped!! Still feel really crappy about it.

Kj xxx


MUST get a grip
Oh no - NMP
I really enjoyed my AAM wk - felt nice to break up the day and SS time and accept that food is part of everyday life that we must return to at some point.....
I found it easier to have lunch at work and left sufficient stuff at work for that purpose.
I felt bit hungry Mon & Tue but fine today.....
Sorry you're feeling down about it
Same here...

I know exactly what you mean. I don't like eating anything, always panicked that the weight I have lost is coming straight back. I try just to get through the week and the get on with SS. (tis my first AAM Week too...) I am not really having a good time this week and am sure I have plateaued or even gained but I'll carry on...we will all succeed. This forum and it's great people will make sure of that...:)xxx
Hi Skyemagic

Please don't worry about aam week- i was and for no reason!! I felt guilty all week, worried the whole time i ate some real food that it would make me put weight on - IT DIDN'T and i just ended up feeling a bit miserable for no reason. I lost 6lbs on my weigh in (i lost 1lb the week before), so as long as you stick to the rules, drink your water and have all your packs you WILL lose fat.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your aam!! Let us know how you get on this week!!


Kj xxx

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