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i feel like total cr*p!!!

not felt this rubbish since i started LT.

i don't think it's LT at all.
don't feel i've lost any weight at all this week.
feel really down and just can't be bothered.

been trying to find a new house in an area with none to let.people only move out when they die!
love my house i'm in now but it's cost me nearly £500 every 10 weeks for gas when the heating is on!!:eek:
defo can't afford that!
been told by occupational therapists etc that i have to move to a more suitable house for my daughter too.
my landlord won't fix the problems with my house that i've asked to be done for nearly a year!
not slept for about 3 weeks either as my daughter(who has autism)keeps trying to escape out of her bedroom window:eek: and i've had her in bed with me.

my ex came down on weekend to visit kids and decided to basically tell my son that he's fat,eats too much and will be ill when he's older!fuming:mad::mad:

I WANNA CRY :cry::cry:

sorry for the moan.hopefully i will feel better after a good soak and long sleep.
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Oh God woman! It never rains but it pours eh?
We've established your ex is a right pr**k, your son will learn better from you so don't worry on that score. You're likely feeling crap due to sleep deprivation! I don't know how you do it, you're a wonder woman!

Don't worry about LT, it does the work for you, you will have lost.

Your gas bills are HUGE! That's crazy -there has to be something you can do, surely you've tenants rights. Is there no one you can go to?

I'm so sorry you're feeling wick, I hope it passes soon because you truly deserve a break!

aww thanks hun x

nothing i can do about the bills.it's a huge house to heat.i've changed suppliers to see if that helps.

i honestly don't think the landlord can afford to do the repairs.

think i might have to go and bump off some people who live in a house i fancy lol x
ah hun, sorry ur not having a good time of it.

men are so crap, how dare he say that to ur son, poor thing.

good luck with finding a house, is there anything you can do to lock the window. i can just about cope with 1 night when kids r ill in my bed, u must be sooo tired.

sure everything will get better soon hun.

x x
didn't have keys to lock the window hun.
had to order a heavy duty Charys-proof one which i had put on yesterday.she didn't sleep well last night coz she got used to the routine of sleeping with me then i changed it again.
fingers crossed for tonight x
Oh my goodness- sounds like you've been going through the mill hun. You poor thing- what a lot to cope with as WELL as being on LT.

Your ex- what a bloody moron! I can't imagine why on earth he'd say that to your son- I'm not surprised you're fuming.

It's hard when everything feels like it's getting on top of you but focus on one thing at a time. Stressful as it may be getting a new place sorted it will be worth it to save money on your gas- and if your landlord is rubbish you're well out of that one.

Just look after yourself babe- don't try doing too much and just remember we all think you're great and you're doing a fantastic job of losing weight and setting a great example to your kids- you're obviously a brilliant Mum.

Big hugs,

Lots of love

Luce x
sounds like u need a holiday hun.
fingers crossed ur lil one sleeps better 2night, u feel so drained the whole day when u dont sleep well.
x x


Otherwise known as Jools
Here's to a better nights sleep tonight. /hugs :D


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ah chick :hug99: what a horrible situation to be in :( just have yerself a good ol cry and let it all out then go for a nice long soak in the bath and relax :) :hug99: hope you perk up soon honey xxx
I'm sure everyone on here feels for you and wish that things take a turn for the better.

I worry what you will do when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Summer only officially finished yesterday.

I think its so wrong that the utilities have not passed on the gas price cuts. I work for a company that spends over a million a year on gas and we pay less than a 1/3rd of retail and they are still making a profit on that.

Good luck
well that £500 bill was from 2 january this year til mid march.i nearly died when i saw it.

i've got the extra blankets and plug in heaters ready.my electric use is quite low.
hopefully i'll find somewhere new before it gets too cold.
i really don't wanna be scared to put the heating on when it's cold(i always would though and worry bout bills after).


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can you get your gas changed to a key?
Thats sooooo high! I dont even think my familys is that much and there are 5 of us in this house ....
*biggest hugs in the whole wide world*

Firstly that ex is a total d*ckhead! What a thing to say to a young child! You're well rid of him sweetie. Yuck!

Your landlord is another d*ckhead! You need to go and see CAB about him. You have a disabled baby in your house and you need a perfect, comfortable environment in order for her to be safe and happy. He needs to sort out those repairs! Stop paying him rent until he does! Have you got a local housing authority with a list of people who need housing? You should be at the top of the list! That heating bill is not right! It's absolutely obscene, there must be something wrong with it. Can you change gas providers and see if that makes any difference. Send the landlord your bill.

*hugs* I know how you feel with the up all night/not sleeping. I'm up sometimes 19 times a night with Mimi. Bless them. Start a afresh, a new schedule, make everything rigid and blackmail if you have to. I know it's hard but try not to give in and let Charys back in your bed. Keep at it. After a week or so hopefully she'll enjoy the schedule and look forward to going to bed. Sleep when she sleeps until you get your strength back. When is your next respite sweetie? Make sure you make the most of it, indulge yourself.

Come and live with me! We would all be a bit squashed but we'd have great fun! I wish I lived near you so I could come and give you a real cuddle :(

You are the amazing :queen: Inch Loss. You will continue to be amazing. You look after you, you're number one. You deserve all the happiness and good health in the world. Look how far you've come in such a short space of time! Keep strong and focused and remember why you're doing this!

Loves you

Good luck , hon. Any one of those problems on their own is bad enough, but all together- well!

It may seem obvious but have you got any support from the Autisitc society or social services. You should be entitled to DLA maybe carers allowance etc. My partner has an 18 year old son with Aspergers. I know how hard it can be . There is help there if you need it. Sorry to harp on if you already know about this.

This is def the place to come when you feel low. There is loads of support here.

I sincerely hope things improve very quickly for you. Take care.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
They are coming at you from all sides, landlord/hubby/kids/gas board etc etc etc. It's just one of those days and it will pass. Hold on to the fact that you have taken control of your life by tackling your weight issue. You are doing so well. Hold on to that fact when the world seems against you. I don't pray but will think of you.