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Abbies Refeed Diary


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Wow, I feel like this is a completely new milestone for me, I've not done the refeed part before so it's a welcome change to be doing things properly as opposed to just jumping off.

Hoping that I can still lose weight or just stay the same and put minimal weight on over Christmas.

So today, I started my refeed journey with for breakfast having

B - Caramel Bar and a cup of tea with skimmed milk, just a wee drop.
L - Veg Soup which was quite nice, I didn't have to season it, but might add some pepper next time I have it just to see what it's like with a kick.
D - Will be either Tuna or Chicken Salad but I'm leaning more towards Tuna if I'm honest and will have a glass of diet coke.

Been drinking water in between as don't want to get out of that habit. Coke will now only be drunk at meal times as opposed to drinking it like water.
This sets an example for Ethan also when he gets a bit older, so this is another reason why I'm doing this.

Was lovely to have my cup of tea earlier on with some milk in, makes such a difference.

So that's my day for today, only thing I'm not liking about the maintenance things so far is they stick to your teeth! Gonna brush extra tonight I think lol!

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Good luck with refeed Abbie, I'm sure that you will be fine. Keep posting your food on here, I've found that it really helps you concentrate on what you're eating x
Good luck abbie.... Enjoy lol xx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks Sandra, going to follow this to the letter to get me in good habits. I'm really looking forward to having some smoked salmon later in the week, just wondering, do i have 6oz of that the same as the chicken portion?


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks Amanda :D xxx How are you getting on? xx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Just had my tuna and salad and it was lovely, bit worried though because although it was in a breakfast bowl, when I stirred the tuna in with it, it bulked it up, so kind of worried I made too much. I hope I didn't over do it, but it is salad isn't it....so hopefully I've not caused any problems.


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Getting on quite well with refeed. Enjoying it a lot and liking having healthy food.

Yesterday my menu was

B - Orange Creme drink
L - Chicken Salad
D - Tuna Salad

Today my menu has/will consist(ed) of

B - Caramel Bar with a cup of tea
L - Chicken Salad
D - Tuna with some Plain Yogurt stirred in sitting on a baked potato with salad on the side.

I shall get my potato in the oven at about half 6 hopefully ready for X Factor. I know it starts at 7pm, but I get the baby ready for bed then so will pause the TV. :D


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Looking good Abs :) Can't believe you are refeeding already!
One thing i will say is don't have coke with meals, try to have water and if you still 'need' something after then have a diet coke, or muster it in at a certain point of the day as a 'treat' iykwim :) Other than that food looking great. Hope you and baby are ok and did you enjoy xfactor tonight? Love the fact that the person who went, went! :D The public, imo got it spot on with the final 3 xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Looking good Abs :) Can't believe you are refeeding already!
One thing i will say is don't have coke with meals, try to have water and if you still 'need' something after then have a diet coke, or muster it in at a certain point of the day as a 'treat' iykwim :) Other than that food looking great. Hope you and baby are ok and did you enjoy xfactor tonight? Love the fact that the person who went, went! :D The public, imo got it spot on with the final 3 xxx
For me, the diet coke is a treat so thats why I only have it with my meal :D I still make sure I'm drinking sufficient amounts of water to keep myself in the good habit that being on regular LT instilled in me.

I was thrilled with the result of the elimination and for me, even Wagner would have been in the top 3 just to make sure the said person was out, I'd have been happy lol! I really didn't like said person at all. Didn't like the duet they did either, thought it was too easy a choice.
Bring on the final tonight though. Don't know what I'm going to do once all this reality TV is finished lol, I've got Strictly, X Factor, had I'm A Celeb and it's going to be soooo boring once the New Year comes and theres none left. Not even Celeb Big Bro anymore. :(

How are you doing? You on the weight watchers new plan? I might try going on that once I've finished LT completely or slimming world.

Ethan is fine, he'll be 7 months old on Christmas Eve. Blimey, how time flies huh?

:D xxx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Wow 7months already!!!! Where has that time gone!!! Lol

I really want Matt to win after last night but will still be happy if one direction win.

Don't forget January is the start of dancing on ice!!!! ;) then decent tv really will be over :( lol

Yep on the pro points plan, well not for the past few days as I've derailed but it is very good ya should defo look into it :) xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Yesterdays menu consisted of

B - Summer Fruits Shake
L - Tuna/Mayo (little bit) Sandwich with Salad on the side
D - Lean Mince, Bolognaise Sauce and 4oz Pasta
No snacks or dessert as was full.

Today's menu

B - Caramel Bar and Cup of Cha
L - 4oz Pasta, Tuna, tinned tomatoes
D - Skinless Chicken 6oz, Salad and Jacket Potarto with some plain yogurt and herbs to make it less dry. :D

Hope I'm doing well on this, I seem to be maintaining my weight which can only be good because I think by this point when I've had to jump off the diet before, I've already put on a few lbs of water?? fat?? both?? Who knows, but I'm following this strictly.

My dad bless him has always felt so sorry for me on this diet and we were going to go the cinema the other day and he wanted me to have one of those smoked sausage things with some tomato relish dip. I was like dad, as much as I'd love to, I'm going to stick with this 100% or else theres no point in me doing it. He was like "Oh ok", half disappointed but half happy I'm still displaying the willpower.

When can I have cheese? Is there any point I can have it? I know I can have egg, cos I read on here that I can have it on Day 4+ and if I could find some low fat Cheese, can I have that??

Is there anything not listed on the refeed sheet that I can have and should definitely steer clear of?? Not wanting to cheat, but wanting to know what else is available to me. If nothing, then refeed sheet I'll remain faithful to.

Abbie you are doing great and exercising loads of willpower in your food choices.

I had a little shaved Parmesan, my favourite cheese, on my salads from day one! Not sure what the official line is but I worked on the premise that a little goes a long way. Parmesan was a good choice for me as it has so much taste and you just couldn't pig out on the stuff! Whatever you pick, I'd recommend that you grate or shave it, rather than just slice off a slab.

Enjoy x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I love Mozzarella balls! I used to make the Mozzarella and Tomato salad that you'd get in restaurants, if I was to have Mozzarella ball and tomato salad, I'd need to get fat free or closest to fat free Mozzarella and work out how much I can have cos before, I'd cut up the whole thing. I always used to get the low fat ones before anyway.
I think that you can buy it already in little balls Abbie, might be safer! Cheese has a wicked habit of jumping into your mouth as you slice it!:eek:


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Cheese has a wicked habit of jumping into your mouth as you slice it!:eek:
LOL Too right!!

Abs, you can have eggs from day 1 :)
Cheese, i'd be inclined to leave solid cheeses untill after day 7 but im sure the odd light cheese triangle during your first week should be ok :) x
It looks like you are doing really well on refeed Abbie....keep it up and enjoy xmas!:D


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks funky!

OK, I'm a bit freaked out however, I know what's probably done it, but I've gone on the scales this morning and have gained 2lbs. I'm not entirely happy about that to be honest. I was slowly losing and mainly maintaining weight and this morning I've got a 2lb gain.
I think yesterday having both Pasta and a Potato has shown me that nope, Carbs are not my friend and I should from now on stick to one, so the upside to this is I've learnt to cut one out, so today, no Pasta, I shall have a potato for dinner.

Todays menu consists of

B - Chocolate Whip Dessert (Not sure what I made of it especially as it stuck to my teeth, ewww)
L - Chicken Salad
D - Tuna, Salad and Baked Potato
Will only have a small glass of diet coke, the rest of the day will be drinking water.

I want to maintain as much as possible so there is not much to lose by the time I get back on to regular LT in the New Year, not just that but by exercising some self control, it stands me in good stead for when I'm off the diet completely.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
How you getting on Abs? Hope you're sticking to it :) x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I've been sticking to it as much as I can, I've had a couple of slip ups but nothing too major-ish!
I had a block of chocolate, one of the letters off a Yorkie bar. I was just dying for a bit and swore it would be one bit and I stuck to that. And I've had a biscuit when I've had a cup of tea. I don't drink tea now because I don't want to start getting into that habit. I'd have a cup of tea and my caramel bar which kind of got me into that and now i have no bars left, I'm left with the shakes.
I'm still having the maintenance shake in the morning, and having my 2 meals which comprise of salad and the allowed stuff, so I've not reached the point where I want a big mac yet lol!
I'm doing well, I've slipped up just a couple of times, but not had a big blow out and i'm maintaining still, so I'm doing OK. For me the big test will be from Christmas Eve onwards when I eat "regular" food.
I hope I can still be sensible and not gain too much for when i get back onto proper LT in the New Year.



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
We are all human abs and we can't cut out the stuff we love forever! :giggle: Sounds like your doing well chick, keep it up :) xxx

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