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I have done slimming world on and off for quite awhile and am on a restart AGAIN lol this time i thought i would give EE a go to see how i get on, b4 i always liked to do green but never really lost that well and am not a lover a red tbh. My question is can i still have pudding rice and mullerlight yoghurt as a snack????? have seen other posts on here saying that when you do EE you should choose fruit or veg for snacks but tbh i know that wont keep me satisfied esp in this weather, i use quite abit of pudding rice and one mullerlight but i use it throughout the day when i fancy it, is this still a free food???? I am so confused with the 1/3 thingy lol i had pasta and tomato based sauce for lunch with lean minced steak and have got jacket pot cottage cheese and salad for tea, just feel so hungry i have done myself some rice and mullerlight but now feel guilty cos not sure if i can have it or not.....i really want to stick with sw this time and am trying to be good........i got to a class and when i was on green she always used to say eat watever free food you like to fill yourself up but i dont know if this still applys on EE OMG soooooooooo confused lol sorry if i rambled hope you can understand wat i mean hehehehehe xxxxx
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No you can snack on whatever you want on EE, synned, free (rice pudding) or superfree. But you should really try and make sure you have one third superfree with every meal. By the sounds of it you haven't done this with your meals today and if you had, perhaps you wouldn't be feeling so hungry.


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Thanx for the replies guys :) i did put alot of veg into my pasta sauce which was also mainly tomatoes so i thought this would count towards the 1/3 thingy....and i also having a big salad with my dinner so hopefully that will be ok....it just takes some getting used to i suppose.

I know you get extra healthy extra on green days but i wanted to be able to have things that i could incorporate into family meals ie minced beef pasta and chilli and rice etc etc as my lot dont like quorn and i was finding it quite expensive to do it just for myself and also abit tedious doing dinners just for me and having to cook something else for the kids so just trying this for abit.......watch this sapce see how i get on at weigh in lol that will determine whether i stick with ee or go back to the old plan lol xxxx Thanx

How have you found the EE plan (if you do it or have done it) with losses?

Its scary cos i am so used to the other plans on sw lol


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I have only done EE this time round on SW and I love it! I found red and green too restrictive in the past, hence falling off the wagon each time.
My weight loss averaged a pound a week, as I am a slow loser but I was more than happy with that. Now that I have reached target, I find EE easier to maintain as it's become normal eating for me.