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About Atkins

Hi. Im new here but I already have lots of questions. I have just started Atkins (about 2 days ago) and I have lost 1.5kg.
But I dont drink water- I down about a litre of diet coke instead (I know- my teeth). Do I have to drink this 8 glasses of water?
And sometimes I go without breakfast and lunch- is that allowed?
And the other day I had a whole bag of walnuts because it was on the Accepted Foods List. It contains a lot more fat than carbs- but is this ok?
Ps- Is donner kebab allowed on Atkins. I'm curious.
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Hi there L&L. There will be people along who can answer some of your other questions - I don't know about the walnuts or the kebab - my version of the atkins book didn't allow nuts on induction.

The problem with diet coke is that caffeine and sweeteners can both stall your weight loss on low carb. I don't have a problem with them myself but I know some people do. Also they don't retrain your sweet tooth. I would try very hard to drink some water - try drinking it warm, that's what I do and other people on here have suggested the same thing.

Good luck by the way and well done on your losses so far x
Walnuts and doner kebabs aren't part of the induction lol! The accepted food list is for second stage and on. The first stage is very strict, and the fizzy pop isn't allowed either. In saying that, I drink wine.
Oh, that's a good idea Jules - you know how much you've had then as well.

When I was breastfeeding my son, I used to keep a glass next to the washbasin in the bathroom and have a quick glass of water every time I washed my hands after going to the loo
Hi L&L.

Yes induction is pretty strict. Basically you can eat as much as you like of unprocessed meat. 3 large mugs of chopped green leaf veggies a day. No nuts, no processed meat i.e. Donner.

You need to drink the water to help your body burn fat, that's part of the weight loss function.

and Welcome! :)
Must admit i do sometimes struggle with all the water ( and the peeing ) Jim did u drink anything other than water on induction? Iv read of others drinking diet coke etc?

I drank Green Tea L&L, decaf variety. Still do drink it. I have the odd coffee now, but not often, probably not even once a month.


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I have a 4pint plastic jug that I fill water in a morning then leave in the kitchen, and I make sure its empty after I had my last meal of the day, that way if I get thirsty afterwards anything else is allowable or I can boost myself with a bit more water. :)


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Also you musn't skip breakfast & lunch. Ideally on induction you should have three meals & 2 snacks a day. Takes alot getting it all in though, I rarely managed it, but it is to help keep the hunger pangs & carb cravings at bay. You musn't go hungry on Atkins.

Good luck. & get glugging that water.
Zobo I can some days just about manage the 3 meals and don't need the snacks as Im not hungry. The water is a problem some days but others I can drink 3 - 4 litres.

Oh yes I have no problem slurping the wine Jules. I've tried that low carb beer woof, it's crap frankly.


Alway see the love x
Im not too keen on beer, it puffs me tummy up, and we all know how I hate havin a puffed up tum. Will defo not have it now..
What wine do you drink, Jim? I love Wolf blass MMmmmm

Woof X


Alway see the love x
pinot gives me a really bad head... Cant wait to have a lovely glass of red...Will leave it a while. Im out this saturday with the girlies and im on the water..... Not drivin even though Im not drinkin as cant drive in the dark!!! lol I know, I know, Im useless lol

Woofy X
Why can't you drive in the Dark woof? eye problems or something.

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