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? about freq of when you are weighed?


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Hi I am new to CD, started SS on Tues so on day 5. My question is how often should you be weighed by your CD counseller? Mine will be doing a home visit to me on Tues & has asked me to order 2 wks of food so she doesnt have to pop over the following week. Is this the norm or should I be weighed every week?:)
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If you want to be weighed every week, then you should definitely tell her!

I go to get weighed every week, unless I know she is going to be away, or I can't make it for some reason, and then I buy packs in advance and go the week after instead.


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Strikes me that's sheer laziness on her part!! If she doesn't work from home, she should be prepared to travel out on a regular basis. Cambridge stuff, though it has magical properties, is not cheap....not everyone can afford to pay for two weeks worth at a time!!


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As she is coming out to you I am not sure, how far is it?

I go every 1-2 weeks, depneding on work really

have a chat with her, as 2 weeks when just started is too long tbh


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Just wanted to wish you good luck on your cd journey.
I personally like to get weighed every week.. Some people do get weighed 2 weekly but it just depends on your cdc.. I go to my cdcs house..
If your not happy with 2 weekly wi's speak to your cdc and see if she will come to you weekly.
Good luck x


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I get 2 weeks at the time but have the option to get weighed weekly if I want.


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I go every fortnight, but thats just me being lazy.

It should revolve around what you want as a client, but bearing in mind that she is self employed, they are under no obligation to take you. Talk to her and see what agreement you come to. Explain in the beginning you would like a weekly appointment until you feel more settled on CD.


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Thanks everyone for all the advice I will have a chat with her. :wave_cry:


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I just started on Monday and my CDC comes every two weeks, but if I want to see her weekly I can go to her, im happy for two weeks though.

Good luck :p


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I see mine every week because that's what we decided at the beginning. Also I wanted to be weighed every week and she's not too far from me so it made sense.


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Hi Issy, good luck on CD!

From the start my CDC said she would come to see me every two weeks to weigh and measure me but that if I wanted to be weighed I could go and see her. It does mean I order 2 weeks of food at a time but I pay in two separate cheques, 1 post dated that she banks the following week. This means that I am never paying too far in advance for the food packs.


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I get weighed every Monday, but then I have to take a 30 minute walk to the train station, £8 for a return, and then she picks me up at the station on the other side! So I think I earn it lol!

If she is coming to you, it is a bit tricky, because you have to take into account travel costs on her part, but really this should be tailored to suit you. Is there any way you can go to her every other week?


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Thanks everyone for all your help. She lives 10 miles away, but I did ask if there was anyone closer & she said no, (I have since discovered there is but she may not of known). I also explained from the begining that I would need a home visit as hubbie works late sometimes & my daughter is young.
I will have a chat & see if I can go to her every other week if I can make it.

Thanks again!
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I go every week, apart from over Easter and later this month with Half Term will miss another WI. For me, the weekly visits were very important, to measure progress and keep me motivated. It takes me half an hour to drive to my CDC and I could possibly find someone closer, but we get on well and I think it is worth it :).

Now I am moving up the steps I may change to 2-weekly visits later this month, haven't quite decided yet. Let's see what tomorrow's WI brings ;).

Soon2bslimmer x

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