1. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    I was just wondering what's the best exercise is to tone your abs? I walk around a lot everyday due to work so my legs and thighs are slowly getting toned, but the tum isn't :(

    I was a luckly gal and got wii fit plus for xmas off OH :) so was wondering any other wii games that will help me also maybe? I have EA Sports active too! :)

    thanks in advance :)
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  3. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    Well, you can't spot reduce one particular body part. I'd advise adding some weights exercises, and do a google search on Core exercises.
    I myself have never been a fan of sit ups, I find other core exercises more effective, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure Justin has a thread on this though. Maybe have a looksie on the next few pages??
    Sorry I wasn't much help
  4. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    Planks! They have them on wiifit plus. The new EA sports active dvd has ab exs on it and I really feel those!
  5. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    thanks for your help, I've tried looking for other threads and seen a few, but I've tried what is suggested before and they aren't for me I'm afraid, thank you though.

    Excellent, thank you! I have got the new wii fit plus haven't been on it yet, can't until all the xmas stuff is down due to where the wii is atm it's a storage room! Lol, but will be back at it very soon! Looking out for the more workouts of EA Sports too as that i found really helped! I know it's only £15 in places now so definitely worth the buy i feel thanks again! :) glad they have added more abs exercises!

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