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absolutely gutted :( first gain

i am absolutley gutted have had a real bad week with sickness and bad tummy, so have only had toast for dinner and plain pasta for tea from last monday to saturday, so why a gain? with being ill i couldnt keep anything in so why hasnt someone of my size lost?
i will be carrying on, have had large jacket with tuna and a salad for dinner, spag bol for tea i just hope i dont let it get to me too much, 13 lbs in 5 weeks
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Hun...hugs....you are just getting over a stomach bug.
You chose the most sensible things that you could do when you were unwell, so your body still went into "starvation" mode and kept hold of what you were eating as it wasnt sure when you were going to eat next. Its perfectly normal.
Its only 0.5lb, and not a gain of a lot more, so never fear! As long as you are well enough now to get back on plan, you will loose the weight next week and more.

I know it's devastating but if I'm reading your stats right, you only put on half a pound, which is almost like a stay-the same, which after losing 13lbs in four weeks, is understandable. It's like you lose a bit, you consolidate, you lose a bit more, you consolidate. Chin up! You will lose next week.
Oh, my consultant also says that with women, no matter what size, you almost have to look at their losses across a month, not just from week to week. I sts at least once a month. Good luck!! x
It's disheartening isn't it? You didn't say how much you had gained so maybe you were holding water? I had a gain last week and I am determined to get back on track. Will be weighing in again on Thursday. You may find that next week you'll have a larger loss as your body catches up with itself.

How did you eat from sat til weigh in? Someone told me that if you eat very little and the start eating more, your body starts holding onto it because it thinks it has been fasting. Not entirely sure if this is true but that could make sense in your case.

Anyone feel free to correct me lol :confused:
hi hayley i put on .5 lb no major drama i know but am so gutted, i had been trying to eat properly since but til about 2 hours ago even the smell of any food was making me gag, hopefully will be ok next week only need 1 lb for my 1 stone award and have dusted off the wii fit board again, now i'm not falling over everytime i stand lol, i hate being ill and thats just the icing, or rather not :)
0.5 is reasily rectified and I am sure you can do it :)
a few weeks back I had been really good all week and only lost 0.5lb but then the following week I lost 3lb. I don't really lose much more than that on a weekly basis anyway
at least this plan is easy to keep up so i will keep everything crossed that its just a temporary blip :)
keep your chin up and be as close to 100% this week as you can - don't let this gain get you down x
Stop and think logicaly hun, you haven't eaten properly so body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to everything, and you have probably retained fluid as well having a tummy bug. Its nothing to worry about, just what happens in these cases. Stay focused this week and you will see the rewards next week.
thanks guys, i have definatley eaten today and so far so good lol, hopefully will be back on track b4 i know it :)
Our consultant said a very sensible thing the other day - "your body doesn't know what you are going to do, or what you are thinking of doing, it only knows what you have just done".

Your body has had a bit of a shock, because you have not been well, and because you haven't been feeding it. It doesn't know that you are about to start feeding it properly again, it just knows it has been starved and has no way of knowing how long this will be going on. So it hangs on to everything it can, just in case.

Now you are feeling better, you can get back to the plan, your body will heave a sigh of relief, say "hey, I'm being fed again, so I can stop panicking".

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