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Absolutely gutted:(

I am due to refeed on Wednesday so I thought I would get myself prepared and do an asda's shop ready for the week. I was walking around like a kid at Christmas. So excited at the prospect of finally being to eat all the lovely food I was buying. I filled up my trolly with everything on my list and some bargains too. Went to the till, bagged it all up, grinning away like a chesire cat until....when it came to paying for the food do you think I could find my card? I searched in every section of my purse, emptied out my bag, even searched the car but it had gone. The only place I had been prior to asda was the garage. Phoned the garage but no card handed in. I am so fed up. Felt really stupid in asda and had to wait 30 mins to get through to the bank to cancel the card. I have period pains from hell and basically feel useless tonight. :(:(:(

P.s I know its nothing major and just a big inconvienience and my husband said we could go shopping together tomorrrow. But...I am just feeling sorry for myself!:wave_cry:
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Oh hun I'm so sorry that happened to you.....it's happened to me before when I stupidly left my card in a cash point machine 7 miles away from the supermarket I was in. So I know how you feel love xxxx


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What a lovely Husband. Sorry for all your inconvenience and embarassment tonight, but at least you noticed it quickly and got your card cancelled.

Big hugs and just think - you get to do all that shopping again tomorrow - bonus!
Yeah you're right. It will be more exciting going tomorrow night knowing that I can actually eat some of it the day after! He is lovely! xx
Sorry you went through that embarrasment, but when I was a lot poorer than I am now, I went to a machine outside my bank just to get a mini-statement to make sure I had at least £250.00 left for my family spending money for a week in a cottage in Derbyshire, (paid for by friends). I got the statement and was looking at it and walked away.....Two days later, I was in a shop buying my daughter a couple of tops...and NO card was in my purse. I felt ill, I went to the bank and then found out that the person behind me that day, had withdrawn the maximum amount of £250.00 out as I left my card in the machine at the point the screen was asking if I wanted any more transactions......I couldn't stop blubbing, my darling daughter, who was 9 at the time, let me take HER savings out so we could still go on holiday.


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Hi Glammam yes I have done exactly the same as you, only I had shoved my card into the side pocket of my handbag, but I didn't realise it until about 3wks later lol

Supaslimma that is a terrible thing to happen, on the plus side you have a wonderful daughter to be very proud of xxx
I sure am proud of her, she is 24 years old now and will be a mum hereself in 16 weeks time. I can't wait!
Oh Superslimma that is terrible. Love your daughter letting you take her savings. Congrats on the new arrival, that is wonderful news. My little girl will be 5 months on the 15th, she's the best thing thats ever happened to me :)


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Thats awful hope you have cancelled your card, and its great you are trying to be positive, enjoy your shopping tomorrow.
I sure am proud of her, she is 24 years old now and will be a mum hereself in 16 weeks time. I can't wait!
Congratulations make sure you let us know when she has her bundle of joy xxx


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AHH Glamam really sorry to hear that - I'm always doing things like that you're in good company :D Your hubby sounds a little darling though! Chin up hun x
Thanks everyone. Mums cooking tomorrow now (can't wait) so we are going shopping after that. We are also going to Debenhams first, 25% off tomorrow night double bonus!!! :) :) xx

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