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absolutely had enough


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I'm sorry you are fed up ..... are there outside influences at work...... .relationships, work, study , family .......... need that head in the right place .... sending you cyber hugs xx


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I've struggled with this too, Atkins saying 'you can drink clear spirits in moderation' translates in my brain to 'get bladdered whenever you feel like it' and when I see someone post that they 'had a day off' I see it as 'it's OK to have a bit here and there because they did a whole day's worth'. This is how I ended up like this!
Read the sticky again about cheating. Atkins is almost like Exante and you knew you couldn't cheat on that because coming out of ketosis was not an option.
For me personally I've decided to take some time on Dukan which is much stricter just to break these habits which have crept back in. I'm not really enjoying it, dinner was crap tonight, but when I come back to Atkins I'll appreciate it so much more and will stick to the rules!


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I am struggling to cope with the stress of dieting aswell as uni work, and of course my assignments need to take priority but I also don't want my weight to creep up. I am so tempted to go to weightwatchers but the thought of losing a pound a week again fills me with dread!


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I think DK said it perfectly really. There seem to be one or two people who can take the odd day off or survive a binge and still lose and that can make it feel like we all can.

The truth is that for most of us a day off = up to a couple of weeks of gaining and staying the same. By which time we might be demotivated enough to slip off the wagon again. Atkins does work but it does have to be treated as a strict strict diet - no slips.

If you're at a point where you feel you need an easier life with a few treats, I'd suggest slimming world red days. They're moderately low carb but you're allowed a couple of carby items, like alpen bars or eholemeal bread every day, and then you have a 'syn' allowance for little extras. I've read up on it and it looks like a good option for people who need to avoid simple carbs but can't do hardcore Atkins.

You're right, you do lose slower, though. There is a sacrifice involved either way - you do a diet like Atkins where falling off the wagon really isn't allowable but if you manage to stay on you can pull in decent losses, or you do a more flexible one with slower losses.

In the end it's up to you to decide what you can cope with right now. If Atkins is too much to cope with and us sending you back into bad eating habits, maybe you should try another option. 1lb a week is still a loss, not a gain, and some people do lose more. You can always come back and give it another go when your head's in the right place. Xx
I am struggling to cope with the stress of dieting aswell as uni work, and of course my assignments need to take priority but I also don't want my weight to creep up. I am so tempted to go to weightwatchers but the thought of losing a pound a week again fills me with dread!
Ok its slower but its faster than doing nothing... WW since Xmas would have shifted maybe a stone off by now.

If youre struggling with the more 'extreme' diets maybe WW or SW are worth considering for a while


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i've struggled this year, put on 4lb at christmas, been very strict since then and only by this week got it back off again. yesterday, for the first time this year, am in ketosis.

some of us just have bodies that refuse to do what they're asked!

but it's not put me off, i know that this woe is the best thing that has happened to me. i can stick to it even when i'm not actively losing, it suits me in other ways too. and i am losing inches.
Jools, I think you need to find a diet that you CAN stick to love


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Maybe grab some Atkins ready to drink shakes and some high fat foods? I've started having Atkins shake for breakfast and Blue Diamond almonds for lunch every day (33g fat). You wouldn't have to think about it or prepare anything and with one meal a day you can alternate it enough not to be boring.

Also, you could get some low carb pittas (Josephs are the best IMO) and make pizza (6g carbs) or sandwiches (I have chicken and bacon with black pepper mayonnaise!).

What diet? ;) Good luck and don't leave us for...them :cry:


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I have had a long hard think about this and I think I am going to just calorie count for a few weeks. I have really run out of money and thats stressful enough without having assignments and exams coming out of my ears. I WILL be back though :) x
I think we've all been there at sometime or other when your head simply is not in the right place to follow a certain plan, the more you cannot stick to the diet, the more frustrated and dispondant you get. A downward spiral of diet despair! :mad::mad:

You obviously have a lot pressure and stress with uni assignments and exams eminent, therefore, you must do what makes you feel positive about yourself, let your studies be your primary concern and eliminate these negative diet feelings, you certainly do not need any additional pressures in the midst of uni exams!!

Eating sensibly and cutting back is a good idea to see you through this pressured time and you can restart low carbing when you feel you're ready.

I wish you all the best with your exams. x


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Hi jools. Look after yourself and get thro this tough time. ((hugs))

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