Abstruses weekly weigh in

Thanks Kazz and Lisa!!!!!

Kass...Looks like you are losing as well!!!!!! 5lbs is FANTASTIC!!!!

I only think I am losing so much water so quicky because I was an unhealthy booze hound before and retained a ton of water anyway or am just more prone to retaining water.

I think I might take some of the water weight back after I hit target, but If I am at the inch and fat ratio range I want to be in I won't quibble over a few lbs of water bloat.
Well done, keep up the good work
That is just brilliant, nearly a stone in just a week - WOW!
Congratulations and well done Abstruses:D :D :D

You have done brill!!!
wow :eek: what a fantastic loss!
well done you xxx
NO loss at all this week in weight, but 5 more inches off my body and I now fit into my next size down in jeans!... I did have a 20 course dinner this week.... Yea naughty me... It was REALLY unavoidable and really good :p

Back on track now and still plan on hitting target by January 1st ( I was way ahead from last weeks crazy loss).

Getting me a fabu scale soon that will tell me bone mass, muscle mass, water weight, and body fat percentages. I want to make sure the right stuff is melting off me!
Hi babe. Good for you on the inch loss. Obviously you are retaining water, hence no change?

Once you get back into ketosis, you'll lose the 'weight'.

Much love ...
It WILL head back down hun.....keep plugging...xxx