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hi, i've had my actifry a week and its the best thing ever. I've had sw chips and roast potatoes every day since, and I've lost 5Ib. I tried to use spraylite but weren't that nice so I use tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and either use it as a B or syn it, plus tend to half whatever I make with my other half so only 3 syns, they are the best ever and if you love chips as I do its the best and worth it, going to try sausages in it at the weekend
I too have one ...and i think its the business !!
I have cooked SW chips in mine but use 1 tblsp oil or sometimes I use half a tbsp.
In mine i have cooked roast tates- just throw in some small tates with 1/2 Tbsp oil and sprinkle 1/2 oxo cube over and you get a lovely 'roast around the beef flavour' only take about 20 mins , i also put in some parsnips they cook in about the same time .
have cooked chicken dippers in it. potatoe wedges with some seasoning sprinkled over them. i have taken my actifry to group and they love the chips ..i have been asked to take it this week aswell so that we can try SW mayonaisse....I think its cos everyone is dying for chips LOL. I think it's the best £150 i ever spent , and it dont stink the house out and there is no mess- brilliant
my favourite are the roast tatties, yum yum, I'm just off to make a batch with a sprinkle of oxo, just can't wait until tomorrow lol


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I bought mine from ebay,some on there lot cheaper,the chips are fantastic,and although it is 6syns for the oil thats for a large portion so you probaly only need to count 2 or 3 syns plus some of the oil is still left in the pan. best thing for the kitchen i have ever bought.
I noticed that Amazon sell it for £130, and some of the Market Palce sellers even less too, I think it will go on my wish list, but I can't afford to splash out on one just yet!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
There is one on ebay, buy it now £99, wont be there long at that price.
It is a lot of money but you will get so much use out of it , maybe if your like me you could put all your other gadgets on ebay and sell them. lol


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After reading about ACTIFRY on here and how good it is, I decided to buy one. COSTCO sells them @ £103 with vat. Trying chips in it now. Think it will be well used!! :)


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I got one in Makro for 89.99 excluding vat. Best thing ever. Roast spuds are AMAZING!!! I threw in some garlic cloves half way through cooking once to give the roasties a nice flavour,
I've heard about people cooking chicken dippers in it but I'm not sure what they are, is that the frozen birds eye ones??

I have only used mine for chips and roasties so far, but will need to experiment. Believe me, I think the chips & roasties are better than what you can do in a deep fat fryer or even the chippy :D
Really really want one of these - as soon as i get back to work ( i was unlucky enough to get made redundant in jan) I will be treating myself to one :)


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Bought mine in Makro for about £100, just before they reduced the price!!

But it's one of the best £100 I've spent...went to work on Monday & turned on my slow cooker with a joint of beef, when I got home, I pealed & prepared the veg & pots, veg in steamer & pots in actifry...within 1/2 hr/40 mins I had a really great tasting & healthy roast dinner, with hardly any clearing up...everything just fitted nicely into the dishwasher....job done!!


This is really the time!
I have seen a version a lot cheaper in a shop, but it was not tefal, so may be rubbish lol


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Really must post this. Cooked a mexican feast almost exclusive with my actiry tonight.

Cooked the hot meat & pepper filling for mexican wraps as well as cajun wedges both in the actifry.....really yum!!

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