Activa Creamy Cherry or Peach Yogurt


Hello, new to the site and thinking of starting SW again. Does anyone have the sins for Activia Creamy 3% Yogurt. the ones in the little plastic balls.

Love these as they are the only calcium I have.

thank you in advance.
I'm not sure, the standard pots of activia are 3 Syns. The ones in the balls are soooo yummy though!

Welcome to the forum and to SW x
You are right they are so deliscious. I have spoken to the Sins On Line and they have said they are 3 sins each. i think well worth it.

I have just looked at your stats, well done on such a fantastic weight loss. Has it all been with SW. Do you go to class. have you tried the new plan. I have just left WW after losing 14lbs. Struggled with the plan.
SW is the only thing that ever worked for me. I usually do just greens, I have looked at the new plan but wont really do it much as I'm not a big meat eater. I think I would struggle with WW too as I like all the free food and not having to count stuff! Good luck with SW, it's really easy and you should do well on it