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  1. daisy2002

    daisy2002 Member

    I want to try acupuncture & was wondering if anyone had tried it whilst on SS?
    Also they said that i'd probably need herbs as well, has anyone had chinese herbs whilst on SS?

    I'm hoping to book my first appointment this week & not sure what kind of herbs they are & if they'd kick me out of ketosis or not.

    Anyone had any experience of acupuncture or chinese herbs?

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  3. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Hi, I don't have an answer...I just wanted to bump this up because it has not been answered yet.
  4. Wales

    Wales Silver Member

    Can only answer half your question - I have had acupuncture and herbs but not whilst on SS. Unsure if you have had it before but I found it very beneficial for most of the problems I went with. I had a great therapist and found the sessions very relaxing.

    Sorry I can't help on the SS question though but good luck with it if you decide to go with it.
  5. wellandgood

    wellandgood Silver Member

    Technically you are not allowed berries or flowers or fruit based herbs as these can knock you out of ketosis but not effect weight loss. You could brave it as it may not effect you at all. If it does you will need to establish your ketosis all over again. but remember, it will not effect weight loss as long as you stick to plan. Only you can decide but the benefits may outweigh the "pain" All the best
  6. Babydaisy

    Babydaisy Member

    Those herb things that you make into a tea- are vile and disgusting!! Be careful how you spend your money!!
  7. daisy2002

    daisy2002 Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm going to go & see what they say.
    I desperately want to lose weight BUT the thing i want to see them about is more important, so if it kicks me out of ketosis then so be it. Obviously i hope it doesn't.
    Will see if acupuncture will be ok without the herbs if not then i will try the herbs.
    I'm not expecting the herbs to be nice though :jelous:

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