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acyrlic tips

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about 45 mins and last about 10days.
OOOOPS! You said 'tips'........sorry ;-p x


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and ur nails underneath will be in pretty bad shape when the acrylic ones come off



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I wear Entity acrylic nails - it takes about 1.5 hours for a new full set and then I have in-fills every 3 weeks. I normally have about 3/4 in-fills and then have them soaked off and a new set put on.
New set about £37 quid, in-fills £22

Hope this helps xx


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hmmmmmm thanks guys, am actually wondering whether to bother. going to turkey in 14 days, and it seems like they will have come off before i even get back!

for 45 quid that kinda sucks

and Gaz, yes i said tiPs hehehe xx

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I wear Entity acrylic nails - it takes about 1.5 hours for a new full set and then I have in-fills every 3 weeks. I normally have about 3/4 in-fills and then have them soaked off and a new set put on.
New set about £37 quid, in-fills £22

Hope this helps xx

thanks tracy, do they stay on for three weeks?? and are your nails ok underneath?? xx

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Okay, I had mine done solidly for about 8 months and each time I went in it would take about 45 mins to an hour and I would go back every three weeks. The longer you have them done for the thinner your real nails get. I was stupid and ripped mine off in a fit of rage and so damaged my nails (and fingers) quite extensively. However, if you're only planning on having them done for a little while and have them removed professionally then personally I'd say go for it if it's what you want. I'd get mine done again, just not for so long without a break and not without getting them taken off properly :)


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IMHO - I disagree with the comment about nails being a mess when they come off - if you go to a reputable salon or technician then they should not use electric files etc, and your nails are still allowed to breathe etc when you wear your nails.
When mine are soaked off they look just as they did before I had my set put on.
A lot of places give a select few a bad name !!!
As for pricing, I paid £26 for a full set (including a free airbrushing of one colour - £3 per extra colour) and every three weeks after that it cost me £16 for the refills. I think £36 is a bit steep!!


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Pink Pixie...
I have worn more constantly for about 6 years now, having them soaked off every 12/14 weeks. I am going to Greece in 2 weeks and will be having them done the day before I go and then in-filled 1 week after I get back.
I use cuticle oil every day on them and they are fine.. just need to wear rubber gloves when you wash up.
Hope that helps

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thanks tracy, when i enquired she did say that i would need to oil them 2-3 times a day, that they would last for 2-3 weeks depending on what kinda work i do (im office based to guess that will be a bonus)

im gonna try it anyway, i have always had really bad nails, either bitten, or they get to a certain length and split, they seem stronger at the moment, guess the diet helps but they just arent growing quick enough.

how long do the existing nails need to be beforehand??
I had a friend who went with me once and she had practically no nails at all through biting them and they still did hers :)

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YAY :)

mine arent really really short at the moment so hopefully will be ok :)

ok, now the all important question of colour.......
I’ve had acrylic nails on and off for over 10 years because although they grow to a good length certain one break easily.
I must say even though the salons have been good and techniques improved over the years there has always been some damage to the nail when I have had them removed.
They haven’t been badly damaged but a bit thin and sensitive for a few weeks after.
Because of the quick growth I have to have infills after 10 – 14 days which make their upkeep expensive and a luxury really.
At the moment I have a French polish which strengthens the tips, the white bit is done to make my nails look longer - this works for me and looks really nice.

Aislinn x
I had mine done for 3 years solid then i decided to grow my own i had acrylic put over my own nails to strenthen them it expensive it ruins your own nails as they have to file the whole nail bed for the acrylic to stick to them it has to be a rough surfice its took me 5 years to get them back to a good stage oh yeh and if you go on holiday with them on (to a hot place) then they will go yellow unless they put some special clear nail varnish on them but it your choice and you did ask i must admit though they do look nice when they are done hope this helps x


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I have mine done every 2 weeks they never fall off and cost me about £20 to £35 quid depending where i go and if i have my old ones soaked off xxx


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Did anyone see when beauty goes wrong the other night ...ewwwww!! Complete fecked nails ...but yeah, i have worn them in the past i love them, but they are expensive to keep having done! xx Look fab tho


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think i will stick (no pun intended! :D) to my temp stick on ones from boots, last for 3 days so good enough for when i go out, which aint often!!

good luck, see if you can get a referal from a friend locally (or ask at hairdressers, they usually know places) i'm sure as a temp measure you will be just fine.


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I had mine done for my wedding day 4 years ago. On honeymoon i was pulling up my jeans in the loo doing the fat wiggle to get them over my hips when snap the thumb nail snapped off taking the most of my real nail with it. God i'll never forget the pain of it. Some people have used this as a form of torture.
By the end of the 2 weeks mostof the nails had loosened and when i got back the first thing i did was get them removed. My nails took the guts of 6 months to be anyway right again. No, not for me but i'm clumsey anyways.
Cost 40 euros.

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