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  1. babybaby

    babybaby Full Member

    Hi, If anyone has any add a meal week recipes...
    or ideas that you guys use...then please add here...
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  3. cluck

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    Hi babybaby,

    I have a few weeks til AAMW but I've been trying to think ahead (keeps me going that I'll be chewing shortly)! I'd love to hear from other people too what they had during their week. Mind you I haven't come up with any recipes but what I was going to do to brighten it up a bit was either get my steamer out or use my george foreman in conjuction with dry marinades/rubs. This way I can jazz the meatand veg up. I found some dry ones which contain no calories from a diabetic website - so more importantly no oil and no sodium.

    For e.g

    Asian Blend
    3 tbsp chinese 5 spice
    3 tbsp paprika
    1 tsp grd ginger
    1 tsp grd black pepper
    1/4 tsp grd allspice

    Mustartd/Garlic Rub
    2 tbsp garlic powder
    1 tbsp onion powder
    2 tsp thyme
    1 tsp dry mustard
    1/2 tsp grd black pepper

    For chicken they recommend rubbing the meat and leaving over night in the fridge and for fish and vegetable just an hour before cooking. This way all the flavours will enhance the food when steamed or grilled. You can even makes these in advance as long as you put it in a tight jar and keep in a dark place for no longer than 3 months.

    I'm hoping this will make it a more enjoyable week. I hope this might help - if not I really haven't got a clue how to jazz anything up without any fat, salt n carbs!
  4. babybaby

    babybaby Full Member

    thanks for that...
    i found some recipes on the discovery health forum..i'll add them onto here later... they are by cambridge dieters
  5. babybaby

    babybaby Full Member

    right i didn't come up with these aam recipes so i won't take credit for them....i found them on another site...but maybe they can help us all

    "Thai (ique)Steamed fish: any white fish-plaice will do or monkfish if you are feeling rich.. or salmon. slice a large clove of garlic and a piece of ginger thinly (about size of half thumb) add some chopped spring onions (1 sprog sliced in half then sliced) or coriander ) wrap in tinfoil and steam for 7 mins on top of a pan of boiling water. if you have a layer thing (like a double layer basket, you can pick them up in chinese supermarkets ) you can steam broccoli on top. Otherwise you can put a little water in a pan (about 3 tbspoons) and quickly cook some spinach. i would add some chopped coriander for flavour and little (teeny) pinch of salt .

    Steamed monkfish with chilli and ginger
    place monkfish in banana leaf (if you can't get them foil does just fine!) chop a 1" piece of fresh root ginger and one deseeded red chilli into matchstick like shards add it to the parcel with a tablespoon of lime juice or water ( if you're avoiding citric acid) you can also add a bruised stem at lemongrass ( by bruised I mean remove outer leaf and bash with the flat of your knife. This releases the flavours and aromas) Wrap the whole lot up if using a banana leaf you can secure it with string pop in a hot oven 230*C gas mk 8 for 15-20 mins until the fish is just tender.
    I like this with very lightly steamed pak Choi or baby fine green beans.

    use the low sodium marigold bouillon for the stock and addd in some thinly sliced garlic, sliced red chiullis and I would pound a small piece of ginger. Add in a 1/2 teaspoon of cummin some lemon grass (bruised as above) and simmer . If chicken tom yam add the chicken in at the beginning and simmer for 20 mins. If prawn/fish pieces/scallops 10 mins should be fine and serve with steamed veg (if making for family they can have with riece and you can add some lemon juice into their portion.

    I would use vine leaves if you could getb them but not the pickled ones as they will contain acid. Alternatively large cabbage leaves savoy or the other type.

    Finely chop chicken portion and mix with finely chopped freshh coriander. you can add black pepper and salt. roll in the cabbage leaves 9remove the thick stalky bits and either wrap the leaf under or you can use a toothpick to hold in place (you can also blanch theleaves fiurst to soften them. Put in a pan wit a bouillon and little water and cook for 20 mins with the lid on 9watch so they dont burn) you can drink the water as a soup while you minch at your rolls."

  6. babybaby

    babybaby Full Member

  7. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Slim and Save
  8. Nick

    Nick Need help

    Cambridge Diet/ Slimming World
    I would like to help you on this one, but I was pretty boring when I was having food on the programmes. I would just cook it plain and just eat it like that.

  9. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    I agree Nick Im starting my 1st aam tomorrow and I dont want anything that will spark up my taste buds. I was thinking of shredding the chicken and veg, cooking in Micro bag and putting in my veg soup it may make it more like a broth.
  10. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member


    Reading through the above the things you should avoid on AAM is root ginger, garlic, onions and in one recipe salt.

    Like the tea you are only allowed tea from the leaf not the root so ginger really could be a risky one.

    Later on in the higher programmes you can have the above but no carby onions and garlic on AAM or 790 and defo no salt at all.

    It does mention salmon if you are having fresh salmon it would be such a tiny amount, not the same amount as white fish, it really wouldn't be worth having.

    Watch the prawns also as they are on the whole salty.

    You can use calorie free/fat/oil free dressings and fresh herbs.

    You could poach your fish, chicken or quorn in a little of the CD veg flavouring then add to soup with veg to make a casserole.

    Griddle chicken, fish etc with mushrooms on a george foreman grill.

    It is not only ketosis you must think about, (ie protein and you will stay in ketosis), the diet is finely tuned to take account of carbs and calories so it is easy to knock it out of balance.

    Sorry to be a party pooper but if you deviate from the AAM you really could make it very hard on yourself and get hungry which is something you want to avoid.

    Stick to what is in the SS booklet and you won't go wrong.
  11. babybaby

    babybaby Full Member

    ok thanks
  12. ctdexw

    ctdexw Member


    thaht sounds like a fine idea- may do this myself in a couple of weeks.
  13. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    Just had my 1st AAM in my veg soup and it was lovely chunky and tasty, but cant believe how full I felt. The amount of food is so small to really count as a meal but in the soup it make the world of difference:D
  14. AnnaNimity

    AnnaNimity Likes to lurk

    Last night I had 50g of tuna (in spring water) with some courgette chopped up quite small and 'fried' in a bit of bouillion with some mixed herbs, pepper and a tiny bit of garlic powder.
    Yummy!! :D :D :D

    (I know tuna isn't on the list for AAM but I checked with my CDC and she said 50g would be OK).

    The other thing I've had is 50g pre-cooked chicken breast without the skin, microwaved (but not for too long or it dries out) - really juicy and tasty with some broccoli.
  15. babybaby

    babybaby Full Member

    ok great...
    i can't wait till my aam... did u guys have weight loss on the week
  16. AnnaNimity

    AnnaNimity Likes to lurk

    I had my aam week one week late due to a mix-up with the dates. Last week I only lost 2lb but this week (after starting aam on Monday) I think I'll lose about 5lb (if I can make it through the snow to my WI!)

    The official line is that losses should continue at the same rate as before and I've not seen anyone violently disagree with that. It's such a tiny amount of food, but really quite filling after just having the packs.
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