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add your xenical friendly snacks here please

good morning and hello, whilst i was making sons breakfast this morning i had a look at the nut info on the malt loaf,, and it comes out at 0.5g of sat fat per 100g and 0.1g of sat fat per 1/8 of a loaf so had 2 slices with no butter and some mashed banana on it for my breakfast, its also lovely toasted.... not in the toaster though makes a right mess

what are your guilty xenical pleasures
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mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
morrisons eat smart cranberry breakfast cereal bars are a nice munch for me:D
6.4 per 100 so a little over but i'm not going to eat 100g :rolleyes:
homemade low fat/calorie muffins
Probably not xenical friendly but just had four roses chocolates..first chocolate in 6 weeks and they were GORGEOUS :p

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
good for you but...............do hide the rest of the box ;)
Bit dissappointed

I enjoy those breakfast bars every once in awhile,only 58 cals and they are quite filling.
will have to look them out rachel, have found the light choices cereal bars the chocolate orange ones are lovely to sneak with cup of coffee on an evening and very filling too

my new ones to add are mullerlights, slightly frozen to make them a bit like ice cream and frozen grapes
My favorite snack has to Marmite breadsticks,so yummy. 110 calories and below 5 gram fat.
Also i love having a couple of the caramel snack a jacks, two of the large ones,broken into a bowl .
And another a suger free jelly with a mullur light yogart poured over it..

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