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added a new sig picture


a new way of living!


a new way of living!
sorry have to add in a before piccie here, I mean look at that fat face!! wtf was i thinking back then??

bring on the pies obvsiously!

Looking good - and well done on the BMI too.

Carol x

PS - was looking at your albums and I like your hair better curly!!
wow you look so different now

you must be so pleased.


a new way of living!
thanks guys :D I am naturally curly so thanks for that! I like it straight as a change, makes me feel sophisticated! ha ha! keith said it makes me look stern! lol


Trying to stay healthy!
wow you look fab msB!! well done you!


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wow you look great not only your face your shoulders too you must be so happy x
Well done, good weightlose :D


a new way of living!
thanks guys, just another stone and a half to go, i know piccie looks ok now but you cant see my arse on it! lol

still a little to go as i'm only short and a small build.

bought 3 new jumpies today from H&M - medium size rather than XL! :D


a new way of living!
bought 3 new jumpies today

they are all like this but one purple and one teal, and this one. lovely for keeping warm :D snug snug snug :D:D:D

this one was a treat off keith, mum is paying for the other 2 :D
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a new way of living!
thanks, although my eye is drawn to the belly sticking out! lol

thats the thing about smaller clothes, they cling to the bits you are still trying to shift! ;)

I love the colour, the teal is nice too, 20 quid from h&m, i reccommend them :)
I didnt notice any belly sticking out!!!
Your looking for faults where there arent any lol.
You look fab!!
Hair is lovely!
Lynne x


a new way of living!
:) thanks. It's there though! Saying to oh i should start exercising now really.
The idea doesn't thrill me though! ;)

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