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Addicted to Chocolate

G: 12st0lb

Why cant I just leave it alone!! Why do I always want chocolate or chocolate cake or chocolate pudding or chocolate spread or bloody bloody CHOCOLATE anything!!!

Every day I crave the stuff, (and over the last week have given in quite a bit too :cry:)

why cant i be one of those ever so blessed people that dont like the stuff!!
or find some willpower again lol!!!


Sorry guys!! just had to get that one out!! xx
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
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If you resist you will find that you don't crave it anymore - it's like ciggies. I was the world's worst chocolholic before I started SW - I would climb the walls in desperation if I couldn't get out to buy any - now I don't think about it and not even that fussed when offered it - but it does take time!
Hugs while you get through it but I promise it does get better!


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Don't have anything chocs in the house, it works for me, I must add I live 5 miles from the nearest shop, which helps!


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Hi, I am exactly the same, I crave it more at night after Ive had all my fruit, veg, free food etc, I usually have a SW hifi bar or alpen light with a cup of tea in the evening, I wish I could break the habit, but as long as I stay within my Syns then I dont mind. But Claire is right the less you eat of it the less the cravings, I so miss my crisps and I am so not missing out on a bit of chocolate if I really want it, it is up to you to balance it all for yourself, good luck


Lover of Extra Easy
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It's all in the head.
I truly LOVE chocolate, but I love the fact that I am starting to wear my slim(mer) clothes even more than any chocolate!
Believe me, I ate chocolate, and lots of it, almost every day. I would finish a whole pack of kit kats at one sitting, or half a box of chocs or a large choc bar. I loved it 100%.
When I rejoined SW in May, I made the decision to give it up. Totally. Ok I have had 2 tiny bars since, a couple of months ago. I did not even enjoy them as I began to think of my fat body and fat clothes. They were not worth it.
I made the same decision with bread and crisps. All gone, and I really and truly don't want them, ever.
It worries me not seeing people at work munch away or seeing boxes of chocs lying around. I won't touch them.
A friend of ours used to send loads of chocs and sweet goodies every Christmas. I asked him not to this year. I told him if he does I will just give them away, and I will!
For me, chocolate is a temporary good feeling. Being slimmer is long lasting, and feels so good.
Maybe I totally brainwashed myself, but hey ho, it works for me.
If you REALLY have the will power to just eat a little, that's great. Eat it and syn it. Brilliant. For me, I can't, so it's gone. Hopefully, forever.
Good luck, however you do it but please remember that pleasure on your lips can add inches to your hips..... and chocolate really shrinks your clothes!
G: 12st0lb
Awwww thanks guys.... thankyou so much for your replies... :)

Wow.... Sonia... giving up chocolate completely.... thats amazing good on you!!
Im just so sad to place so much on a sticky sweet brown substance and let it make me happy!!! (or unhappy if i cant have it!!)
weird how some inanimate object can have that much power!!

but only if i let it...
so i will stay up here on computer a bit longer... and away from the kitchen... because I know there are wispa bars out there!!!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! lol xx
G: 12st0lb
Lol Claire... sometimes i wish i would crave things like ciggies or another addiction... that doesnt make you fat!! my partner smokes...(he keeps saying hes going to give up again but is eeeking it out as long as he can!) and he isnt fussed about food like I am, he eats when he wants (not as often as I would) and enjoys it when he does... and thats that... he can take it or leave it...

but then... is it worse to smoke.... or to eat too much bad food??

I dont think there is a lesser of two evils there?

plus, i couldnt ever smoke... dont like feeling sick lol!!! xx

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
S: 19st8lb C: 17st5.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 2st2.5lb(11.13%)
Worst to smoke I would guess tbh! i wasn't suggesting you took it up ;)

NOTHING tastes as good as being slim feels!! :D
So have chocolate. Have it every day.

You get FIFTEEN syns so you can have chocolate. You can have a mars bar, you can have a small chocolate muffin, make some little cakes yourself and work out the syn value.

Don't deprive yourself as that leads to bingeing.

I have chocolate just about every day either in the form of a chocolate bar, a wafer like a Rocky or Club and a hot choc drink.

Just have it and work it into the plan.
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I am really struggling atm with a ration of chocolate, i cant see myself staying off it for months and months so i know what your going through

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