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addicted to muller yoghurt


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im not sure but i think the black cherry and chocolate sprinkle one is sinned, im sure there will be a syn thread for mullers in the syn thread section!
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The vanilla with a black cherry layer is 2 syns, the newyork cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake are both 1 syn. The rest are free :)


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Just to say I also LOVE the new orange with dark choc sprinkled, it's lush


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I find it can affect my weight, just because they are free does not mean to say you can binge on them sadly. When I have yogurt I limit myself two a day.
Good viewpoint - even though they are free (mullers and other fat free yogs), its better to have them in moderation - have some fruit or salad as snacks for the when you want something sweet! xxx


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They do have some lovely flavors but i found out very soon after starting i couldn't eat them so i stick to activa(though the peace ones are 0.5 syns), total 0% or fat free natural yogurt
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I tried freezing one the other day after group were talking about it, and it was really nice. Took ages to eat too, felt quite naughty, and yes I limit myself to two activia snackpots a day.


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I'm a newbie and have found the mullerlights a godsend.

I have one for brekkie with 2 weetabix and a banana and one in the evening with sliced apple, strawberries etc...

Is two a day excessive? It doesn't feel it but I can understand eating 5 a flippin day being a bit silly.(^_^)


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No I don't think two is excessive but just for the sake of variety I would have different yoghurts and not stick to mullerlights all the time.
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I dont think 2 is over the top. I personally limit myself to 1 a day.

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