Adding a Meal


Hiya, I just have a question about adding a meal every 5 weeks.

How many of you add the meal and what has your weight loss been like the week you have added the meal?

I'm not due to add a meal for another 3 weeks yet, but just curious as to what happens.

Thanks :)
Hiya Bloss

On my add a meal week I think I still lost 3lbs. You have to be very careful with what you have but if you stick to the book and have what it says and the correct amounts you will still have a good weight loss.

Best wishes hun.

I did the AAM and I think my loss was less that normal that week, but I do know that the following week I made up for it.

You should still lose that week if you weigh your portions out correctly.

Just a tip...don't get too excited or scared about it. It's hardly a meal. More of a taster.

I hear so many people concerned as they are adding food, but remember Cambridge is food. Certainly if you are having the bars by then, it's not even the first time you get to chew.

AAM success is mainly down to your perception of it IMO
I lost more that week than I did without adding a meal. Although I found it hard to go back to not eating at all after it, it is worth doing.