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Adult "teenage" spots - recommendations for products

Does anyone suffer from adult spots? Not necessarily acne but certainly more spots than a non-teenager should have!
I've tried no-end of products from cheap to expensive and just can't sort out my skin.
My diet is good and I drink tons of water, I don't drink or smoke either so do all I can to put the good stuff in my body and this is how it treats me!!

What products have people found to be good?

I'm not normally one to moan but this is such a pain (the grey hair can be dyed but the spots won't go away!!)

Thanks all :D
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Did you used to suffer before you used the products? I've used tea tree face wash before and it just dried my skin out.
I haven't tried the avon products yet, I also struggle with night creams - I want one to fight the wrinkles (and stop new ones!) but they are often too rich so give me spots.
Can't win!
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I think it has perhaps gone beyond trying " products " and is time for a visit to your doctor. He can recommend you to a dermatologist if he thinks you need it.

You might just be over producing on some component that reacts as "teenage " acne.

It won't take you long, won't cost you a fortune and could end up not just curing the problem, but saving you money as well.
I have been to the docs and have been on dermalogical antibiotics for a few years now. These help, believe it or not, but I need more!
I haven't seen a dermatologist though. I think I will mention this to my GP when I go for my medication review.
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i use:

origins cleanser, toner and moisteriser (sp)

however, during the day, esp when not wearing makeup i use johnsons day cream, its in a little clear pot with a pink lid and is perfect for my dry, itchy skin that often bursts into ecsema (sp again?)

i find its not too rich, but perfect to keep me hydrated and feeling fresh..

my face is like a babys arse cheek when i dont was that horrible ecsema.

Iv tried tea tree and all sorts, even docs creams and antibiotics dont work anymore!


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God I hate getting spots and its so cruel when they don't disappear with your teens. My skins the best its ever been now and it's been pretty awful at times. Had the antibiotics, steroid dabber, etc. Have you tried Brevoxyl cream? I tried so many and this one, used daily on my problem areas (worst being chin and jawline), really worked for me.
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My daughter tried everything on the market for spots, eventually she had antibiotics from the doctor for her acne. After a while the spots actually got worse, so her doctor sent her off to see a dermatologist. He said that this sometimes happens with antibiotics, its no longer acne its the antibiotics that are causing pustules to form. He took her off them and started her on a different course of drugs and her acne has gone completely.

I would definitely go back to your doctor first before you spend lots of money on lotions and potions.


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Make sure you use an oil free moisturiser. My spots have improved since I started using mine. I use benefit do it daily but there are loads of cheaper oil free alternatives.
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you could try bicarbonate of soda made into a paste with water, and dabbing it on them-sil tried this and worked for her:)

Bicarb is amazing stuff. We use it for insect stings and burns and I read an article yesterday saying it is natures chemo too.

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