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adult training hoop (hula hoop) :-)

ive just brought myself an adult training hoop its a hula hoop thats weighted and i LOVE it, havent used one for about 40+ years and thought why not.....at least now i can fit inside it :) managed 50 spins which is my up to date record ok not many but the exercise i get from picking it up counts too lol
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A lady at my SW group uses one, and despite doing loads of other exercise, she says that the hoop has the biggest impact of anything on toning her tummy area.

I've just quit a gym where the lady offered to teach me to hula hoop - never took her up on the offer and now I've left (using my work gym which is way cheaper). Daft really!


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You've just reminded me - I need to get one

A forum I go on (for twin mums) has loads that have just got into "hooping" (hope thats not slang for something rude!). Seemingly the adult weighted ones are easier than the kids but can leave you bruised!!
yes i admit i have a couple of small bruises
i held a body magic themed image therapy sliming world group last night and it was lots of fun the demonstration i did get members "wanting" to have ago..although the football between the legs drew the most attention but then that was mainly the men lol
Just what I need, can I ask where you got it from/price?

course it was from tesco's £12.99 it comes it sections which slot together.. i went to Hampton near peterborough but have alook on line i know you can get dvd's with exercise moves on it but im not that adventorous (sp)


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I know it's not quite the same but on the WII fit they have the hoola hoop thing where u have to stand on the balance board. This reminded me that when I did the hoop challenge it left me out of breath! May try this again.
i goto bootcamp but this looks quite fun think it would be a laugh x


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You've just inspired me to get mine out and do my DVD.

Thank you
I'd love to get one of these.. But I'm scared I'm too big for them! I'm worried I'd get stuck! Lol. My waist is about 45" :(
Mine arrived today yaay! It is classed as a medium and has a 40" diameter. It would be massive on you, Gemmy, so no worries.

It is harder than it looks lol. I guess I am going to get fit bending down to pick it up :p My top tip is to wear furry boots as it doesn't half whack you on the shins on the way down :eek:

I think I need to learn some technique and get a lot of practice. Looks fun though! :D


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Just ordered mine after having a go at the weekend. 750g and 39" diameter. £21 delivered off ebay. Will let you know how I get on when it comes. was told to avoid the ones that come in sections and really heavy ones,


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Please let us know how you all got on!!!! I've just bought one in tescos and spent about an hour at it this evening. Like riding a bicycle isn't it. Anyhow i need to know if you are getting results????



needs to focus!!!!
i go powerhoop classes a few times a week at the local gym, the classes are great, as you aren't just hooping, you are doing excercises with the hoop also, lifting the hoop (arm excercises) squats, lunges etc, and walking and racing each other hooping. Its so much fun!!!!

personally i find the heaviest hoop the easiest, as i find the lighter the hoop the easier it falls lol.
I want one, but my bf said no! Fail!! I will buy one...slightly worried that you said you get bruised thoughx

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