Advce Please!!!


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Hello...well I have gone back to CD SS after my Christmas shenanigans....and am doing ok on that right now!

My question is....I still seem to be suffering from 'pregnant belly syndrome' and I was hoping someone could tell me the best way to shift it!!

I have an exercise bike, and a twist board. Gym is totally not an option so am hoping someone can help me out....I still have 3stone ish to lose but doubt if it will go from my belly!!
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Hi Karen

I find the best way is tummy crunches, where you lie on your back, bend your knees and hands at your ears (not pulling your neck) crunch up towards your knees!! Do about 10 to start but make sure you breathe OUT on the way up and IN on the way down otherwise you will train your tummy to stick out!!!! I hope that makes sense!!!


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oo I always wondered why you have to breathe out on the hard bit. I thought it was just to make you think abut what youre doing more, no one ever warned me it would make my stomach stick out more