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mad girl.. let me think!?

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what about just whacking some money on an oyster card and getting the tube to some random places, take your digital camera along and take some pics of anything interesting you find, you can get the tube for miles im sure there will be somewhere you havent been before pick a place with a stupid name or something


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Well the weather is rubbish but usually Henley, just outside of London is nice for a visit. It has some nice boutique shops, lots of cosy little pubs and coffee shops!!! Or what about the new shopping centre in London!! I'm heading there Sunday, apparently the largest in Europe.

I love your randomness.x


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Bristol is about 90 minutes-ish from Paddington... :)


Hmmm... nothing's jumping out at me lol...

I don't want to go shopping, more just see pretty things...


I don't have a passport lol..

I'm just being difficult now.

No worries, i'll just get on a train and see where i end up like i always do xx


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Cambridge - not that far on the train from London. Really beautiful old city, loads to see & do - old & new. Loads of lovely places to eat. You could go punting down the river in the rain! Have fun where ever you end up!


Been punting in Cambridge in the fall and woudln't go back to Ramsgate if you paid me lol... xx


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lol I don't blame you about Ramsgate!!! Besides meeting friends for the occassional tipple at the Belgian Bar on the harbour, I have NO intention of ever going back there again!!!


I am one of the 63336
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How about Canterbury? When we lived in Thanet, we used to wander round the streets and along the river at the back of the Cathedral. Some lovely little streets and houses and little curio shops. I love the Cathedral itself but know that's not many people's 'thing'.