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  1. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    Maybe not the same is adventures in Wonderland! I'm thinking this is a place to post for good/bad things that happen on the way to weight loss. Wee bit of background, done WW a few times before, started again in june this year. Lost around 8lb so far, not going to meetings just doing it myself with weekly weigh ins.

    Been feeling pretty good about my loss so far, only stayed the same once and that was on monday this week (I'm thinking mother nature may have a wee hand in that??). It still pickles my head a lil that I could have 3 kit kats in a day (assuming that i have the points for it left!) and still lose weight but hey who am i to complain!

    I'm noticing a difference in clothes, i've had to buy a couple of pairs of size 16 black stretchy trousers for work after my 14s got too tight....again. I'm now back into the 14 stretchy ones. I've got others that arent stretchy but I'm maybe gonna leave it a couple of weeks to try them. I can get back into some of my size 14 jeans too now, theyre a bit tight or just fitting more snugly than I'm used to. I had bought size 16 jeans before but then chucked them out when i lost weight before....oh yeah and i also burnt my last pair of 16 work trousers....before putting weight on....well you get the idea!

    anyway yeah the 14 jeans are fitting a bit better, can wear them if im going out but a bit too snug for just lounging around the house in comfort if that makes sense.

    I stopped wearing my wedding rings a while ago as they were getting too tight. to be honest i just buried my had in the sand as the weight went on and ended up having to buy bigger clothes, probably others have done the same.

    I just seem to be rambling on now but i have consistently lost weight every week ive been following WW this time apart from this week and long may it continue. I'll try and come on to post wee updates on here :)
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  3. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    nothing much new really, looking forward to my long weekend off work. was originally meant to be going to a friends wedding but another friend is coming over instead. i tend to keep all my weekly points for the weekend so this weekend shouldnt send me over my points allowance although for some reason for the first time ever i think i managed to use up all my weekend points and other 7 on top. gonna keep tracking my food and booze this weekend tho as normal. my mum and dad are coming over so i'll have some wine, i'll split the bottle with me mum, used to be quite partial to wine but as its so pointstastic i drink it very rarely now so looking forward to a couple of glasses tomorrow. making dinner but i'll probably have a fish curry (a lot nicer than it sounds!) which is fairly low in points which helps and i think its really tasty.

    enough of the ranblings for just now!
  4. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    well its friday! thank god. i had 1pp soup for lunch as we're going out for dinner and i'll be having a few drinks as well. if ayone else is reading this how do you manage on having dinner out? im never usually out for food and i dont like not knowing exactly how many pps im eating, any tips would be good. :)
  5. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    well had a tesco healthy living cup a soup for lunch today which was 1pp. Gotta say it wasnt much to write home about really although i had some grapes and a banana too. Can make far tastier soup and more of it for 1pp so need to get organised and get some more for the freezer. The house is in a bit of disarray, painting the hall so a lot of housework has fallen by the wayside and there's not the space in the kitchen to get chopping veg really. It'll happen hopefully later this week when the painting is finally over, in the meantime I've got plenty WW soup I can be eating. If anyone is reading this what are the WW meals like? Was thinking about getting a couple for the freezer. Make pretty much all food from scratch but if theyre tasty might give them a go for the sake of convenience now n again.

    I've noticed trousers getting looser. Cant quite fit back into some of my old work clothes although they do fasten which is great. Maybe next week or the week after.I'm not a patient person but trying my best to keep my patience :)
  6. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member


    the WW meals are handy to have in. I like the chilli with potato wedges, really nice with a big salad to bulk it out.

    sounds like you're doing really well, keep going!
  7. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    aw thanks! sorry just seen your message. stayed the same last week and put on a pound and a half this week :( not quite sure why, been a bit disheartening but i suppose thats only a wee blip on the horizon and hopefully next week will see the weight loss continuing.

    nice to see someone has taken the time to read my long and probably fairly boring ramblings! how easy do you or anyone else find it to eat out? We were away for our wedding anniversary just this weekend. I had chicken but asked for the cheese that was meant to come with it taken away and extra veg instead of chips / potatoes. it was quite tasty and even though i couldnt point it exactly i think it'd have been fairly low, just really the chicken breast had points. what i have found tho is apart from salads there doesnt seem to be very many healthy options on menus, what does anyone else think? maybe this isnt the best place to be asking :)
  8. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi, well done on your weightloss so far!

    You sound a little like me in that you like to save your weekly points for the weekends for things like wine etc. I've been on propoints since February and it certainly works for me doing it this way.

    As far as eating out goes, I know what you mean re salads but it does depend on where you go. I recently went to wetherspoons and had the sweet chilli noodles which weren't too high in pp and were actually quite nice. There is a thread on here about eating out so you could maybe have a look at that plus I have an eating out guide which is handy if you know where you are going.

    I replied on your thread about ready meals and as I said, they are ok to have in for a quick and easy meal but you can't beat cooking from scratch for a better portion size and lower points.

    Anyway, good luck with your ww journey :)
  9. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    hiya :)

    aw thanks so much for your nice comments, really appreciated. Well done with your weight loss too :) I didnt actually know there was an eating out thread on here, I'll need to have a look and see what other ideas i can find. I have the eating out book i think it is, handy for the odd wee visit to mcdonalds and that kinda thing.

    I stayed the same two weeks ago and put on about a pound and a half last week. weigh in will be later so wee bit nervious but all i can do is see. im actually sitting at work with a pair of trousers on that i've not been able to wear in a long long time! still a bit tight but wearable so thats a great thing!

    I definitely agree about cooking from scratch, way more control and usually way more tasty :)
  10. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi again, my apologies as it's not an eating out thread but a takeaway one I was thinking of lol! Anyway it's worth looking at the propoints queries and propoints plan recipes sections.

    Being able to wear those trousers again is a great nsv moment :)

    Good luck for wi later, hope you get a good loss this week
  11. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    definitely worth looking at, I'll need to have a wee scout about and try to find it, im sure it'd come in useful. is it a sticky thread on here do you know? sorry what's nsv? Yeah it felt great, theyre still a bit tight but that'll go in the coming weeks! Thanks yeah lost nearly 3lbs! That means I've lost about 1.5lbs after my gain the week before but pleased as i stayed the same the week before that so good to see things moving in the right direction :)
  12. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

  13. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    ah thank you! just a wee note to say i am still here and carrying on with ww, just been a bit on the qiet side! had a eally nice dinner tonight, plenty broccoli, carrot and turnip mash, smoked haddock and a curry sauce which came to 4pp! it would have been 3 if i didnt use any oil. was really tasty and with plenty spice. ill try and update more often :) weighed myself earlier and im now only 0.5lb off my stone eeeek :) ive lost over a stone before but i was running 3 times a week for a while, not sustainable so the weight went back on. this time im not exercising ( i know i sohuld be) but focusing on diet for the time being. he weight is coming off slower but it is happening and im learning new foody habits which i think are really important :)
  14. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Well done! Wow, almost a stone gone :) Not long to go so keep up the good work!
  15. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    aw thanks :D well done you as well! im not a patient person but i dont have any option really! it is happening which is the main thing :):)
  16. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Onwards and downwards as they say on here ;)

    As long as it's going in the right direction, that's all that matters!
  17. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    ok this is turning more into a weight loss diary in general rather than a food related one. Well so far this week I've had fish curry, mixed meat curry, and a chicken burger last night. I'm quite a fan of spicy food so both curries had a reasonable kick to them. I had them both with 30g (uncooked weight) rice and some salad. Helps minimise points from the rice and also handy for cooling your mouth down a bit! The chicken burger was good too actually, been a while since I've had anything like that, dont eat much bread related stuff these days. Had some chips done in the oven, some homemade coleslaw and plenty salad on the burger, really tasty! (Has anyone ever made successful chips from sweet potatoes by the way?)It was higher points than my usual dinner but enjoyed it and was still within my daily allowance. It was a wee celebration....

    I've finally lost my first stone! Been on the cards for a couple of weeks so I'm glad ive finally hit that milestone! I'm impatient and have more weight to lose but im making myself focus on the smaller goals until the bigger ones get closer if that makes sense.

    I'm just doing WW at home, no classes although I did used to go to them a coupla years ago. I made the mistake of looking at my old notes and the lowest i got before was 10.8. I'm 11.5 just now and to be honest thought i was closer than i am to what i weighed before. It's not really putting me off tho, just a little bit annoying and surprising. Difference is though, last time i was running 3 times a week as well (Following couch to 5k which is really good) while doing WW. I'm only doing WW this time, no further exercise but the way i see it is this is more sustainable and not just a phase of exercise then giving it all up again. I know what I mean, maybe not explaining it that well, then again not sure if anyones really reading my long rambles. :) just helps get my thoughts out somewhere

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