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Advice about HMV... - UPDATE

Basically i bought a DVD boxset as a christmas present for my boyfriend at HMV.com about 2 weeks ago.

As of yet it still hasn't arrived.
I know there's still 3 posting days left till Christmas (including today) but i'm panicing slightly about it not coming in time.

I do have a contingency plan though but wanted to get a second opinion if it will work or not...

Plan is to go to HMV the actual store and buy the boxset again so i can wrap it up etc. But keep the reciept safe.
Then, when the boxset eventually arrives from HMV.com i'll take it back to the store and get a refund using the receipt i had for the store-bought boxset.

Will this work? It's the same box set from the same company but i'm a bit unsure... Lol.

And advice would be great xxx
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I miss read that as advice for HIV:eek:

I dont see why there would be a problem with that I have done that sort of thing before.

But I would get on the phone also to find out whats going on with the other one. xx
Lol Sonia!!

I've had an email from the HMV site saying it was 'on it's way' but it's taking it's bloody sweet time haha xx


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I used to work at HMV. After Christmas, SO MANY PEOPLE bring back items after Christmas, it's not really a big deal, they probably won't even question it as you'll be one in a sea of people with returns/exchanges. However, I wouldn't suggest saying that you bought the item in shop if it still has the sticker on it (if it's the one you got online) because each sticker identifies it to the shop where it was bought and they'll know you're fibbing! However, if your box set is still shrink wrapped and you have the receipt, you should have no problems.

Saying that, you'll probably be OK just waiting for the item. If not, why not just print off a picture of the box set and give him that in an envelope and tell him you ordered it over 2 weeks ago but it didn't arrive in time and tell him he still has that to look forward to. It will save you a lot of hassle!
Then they could have posted it to you and somehow it's gone missing. Our postman has left parcels by the back door before now, anyone could have taken them!?!!

HMV should be able to track the dispatch/delivery....
This is what it says on the website-
Pre-Christmas Delivery

Any orders placed for 'in stock' items placed prior to midnight 17th December 2008 will be shipped out in time for you to receive the items before Christmas. Any orders placed with standard delivery from 18th December onwards will be delivered after Christmas. Please note that any orders placed for in stock items with Royal Mail Special Delivery from 18th December 2008 to midday Saturday 20th December 2008 will be delivered to you from Tuesday 23rd December 2008 onwards in time for Christmas.

So logically i should get it but i'm staying at my boyfriends from now until NYE so i'm not going to be able to get home every day to check if it's arrived.

ARGH. Don't know what to do lol.. xx
I just called them but they can't help me unless the package has been missing for more than 2 weeks. Rubbish. Lol. xx


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I have ordered box sets this year online and they sent me out an email when they were dispatched, all my box sets came within 2 days of the dispatch date.

If you want to have it for xmas prob your only option is to buy one and take it back afterwards, or you could just explain to your bf the situation and say it is on its way, and get him a small thing to open on the day.
Just do it, I used to do it all the time, shops rip us off, who cares, Ive taken 1 year old Games into game shops and told them unwanted birthday presents to get full value back, suprised how often it worked.


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Don't wait for it. I have just been told the wii I ordered is not going to be delivered until after Xmas either. And I ordered it on the 9th December!


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I hate that, you think that you are ordering something and it will get here before xmas and it doesn't grrrr

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