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Advice and Motivation Required Please

Hi everyone, this is my first post – I will post a introductory thread in the right place at some point, but for now I am looking for some reassurance.
I did LT last year and dropped 2 ½ stone in 4 weeks, 10 months later I had put 2 stone back on, so I decided to jump onboard the LT train again.
I started last Monday – so am now on Day 8, I haven’t been for my official weigh in yet, as I had shakes left over from last time, so have a few weeks supply. Thing is I don’t feel like I have lost any weight at all.
The only things I can think have maybe slowed/stopped the weight loss are:
1) Drinking too much water – I probably average about 5 litres a day
2) Times of having shakes, most of last week I was having a shake about 8am and then not til 6pm and then 9pm.
Can you group of fabulous experts let me know if either would make a difference.
I remember last time getting a really good feeling of energy, but that just hasn’t happened for me this time? And I’m pretty fed up, wheras last time I felt really good. Not feeling hungry – just wondering when the feel good & looser clothes is going to kick in.
Thanks so much for reading!
Stacey x
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I think the max water is supposed to be 4.5 litres. But appart from that I think everything else you are doing is fine. Best of luck sometimes you have to wait for the 7 days before you really see the weight coming off. I didn't feel light the first week, but I did feel less bloated.
Good luck let us know how ye get on.
i started having my shakes at similar times to you and still lost so i'd say you'd be fine there. as above, that might be a little bit too much water, but if you drank a lot before lipotrim it wouldnt make as much difference i dont think.

you'll see the results soon!

i have changed the times i have my shakes now, actual mealtimes, 9am 2pm and 6pm - also i've found that if you change up the times you have your shakes it keeps your weight loss consistent! odd but seemingly true.


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Yep I agree with the above

Its probably the fact that you havent been for a weigh in thats making it hard for you, they are sooo motivational!!
I really doubt that the times of your shakes will make any difference at all to weight loss, so don'#t worry about that.

Are the shakes still in date? I'll assume they are, they seem quite long life! But if they aren't, then that may have an effect.

you need a weigh in! You won't really know how much you've lost though, which is a real shame if you end up having a big loss :( you'll just never know as you won't have weighed before you took 8 days of shakes.

Good luck with LT anyway.
I have my shakes later in the day too. I found it really hard the first week so I changed them to 12.30pm, 4.30pm and 8.30pm (ish!). My weight losses have been good so I doubt the times should affect you.

Good luck! x
Thank you all for your responses.
I did weigh in on the Tuesday (had started on the Monday). Think your all right - I need to go get weighed, will be able to do that tomorrow - will update then. And get round to sorting my profile and intro out.
This site and you guys are sooo fab!


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Hi Seasun,
very well done for starting LT again. Every journey is different so this one will have to take it's own path. You will be fine, you will have a weight loss but glad to hear you are getting weighed, it's that weekly/fortnightly accountability to ourselves on that scales that keeps us going. Best of luck.
Once you have had your weigh in am sure you will feel far more motivated


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Hi Seasun

Good on you for coming back again! You did so well last time, so no reason why you cant do well again this time. Use your time wisely though so that your weight doesnt creep back on again. Try and work out why you do what you do, etc....and you will be able to eat healithy, etc when you finish.

glad you have gone and got weighed,,that will motivate you for the coming week.

Have a really good week and welcome to the forum and I am sure you will do ok.

Take care

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