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Advice - Do I start this diet or not

Hello all. I have been on slimming world previously and lost a stone. Husband decides to divorce me and I comfort ate and drank lots of wine so subsequently ut the weight back on.

Now my head is a bit more screwed on I want to lose this weight again but a bit quicker than I did on slimming world. I have 2 stone to lose (which is a lot to me because I am the heaviest I have ever been) Do you think this diet would be suited to me. I am willing to try anything up to the Xmas period
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Okay, well I have ordered a weeks worth of supplies to see how I get on. Ordered the mixture of soups (for the cold weather) bars and shakes.

I can't wait to see how much I can lose in this first week. I will keep you updated.

I eat loads so worried that I will get very hungry and miss my wine in the evenings but if I want to shift the wobbly bits then I need to be in contro.

How long does it normally take for the order to arrive. Is it worth me getting some slim fast in until it does( because you can buy that in the supermarket) to start straight away or is that something completely different.

Just want to start
If you live in mainland england and have ordered before 1pm then its next day delivery.

I think the diet will be fine for you, as the predicted weight loss is 1 stone a month, but you may loose more to begin with, remember that you will need to do the 'Simple Solution' part of the plan to steady yourself off of it, because you don't want to come straight off 'Total Solution' and gain it back by not introducing eating slowly. Have you had a good look at what the diet initials on the website? The website is fab, you also get a little leaflet when your pack arrives, I recommend having a look through it x
Thank you so much. Going to go to Tesco now to buy some of those bars you can have to start me off. Good luck with your journey x
I got those bars too :) 2 pack of 3 bars for £3.50 at the moment, a whole months worth for £17.50! x
Unfortunately I missed my delivery yesterday and now won't be able to get it until Tuesday because I'm working on Monday but I really really want to start this diet this weekend.

Is there anything else apart from the bars at Tesco I can buy to start me off early.

I know you can buy some shakes at Tesco like Ultra slim and Slim fast - would this be ok initially


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I would say dont get down if you dont get the loses you see a lot of people getting on here as most of us are a lot heavier then you so the weight comes off quicker (not for me at the moment though as my body is determined to not let the fat go haha)

You could try the tony ferguson diet over the weekend from Boots, I did it before exante and it really worked for me, might be a good way to wean yourself into eating less as well, as you can eat more then Exante but still a lot less then you would normally eat.
Ok I have lost another pound this week just cutting back so 10 stone 4 will be my official starting weight on Exante. Will use Tesco Ultra Slim today until my Exante parcel arrives tomorrow.

I can drink just over 2 litres of water easy but 3 - 4 litres is very difficult - how do you do it
hey susie

Are you doing TS (total solution) or WS (working solution)? I think exante don't recommend doing TS if your BMI is under 25 which yours very nearly is? Just thought I might mention it, you may want to check. I read somewhere it's because at a certain weight it's not healthy too lose at two rapid a weight because you lose muscle too if you have less fat.
I think I will only do total solution for a week and then go onto working solution - This should be ok shouldn't it???
susienoz said:
I think I will only do total solution for a week and then go onto working solution - This should be ok shouldn't it???
Not sure susie you'd have to check the exante website for what to do under BMI 25 sadly I'm nowhere near that so can't help you maybe someone knows :)

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