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Advice for a small weight loss?

Hi! I am 5"10 and currently weigh 11st 8. My goal is to get down to 10st 7, and possibly 10st if I manage that. Obviously, my goal is a healthy one since I was accepted at SW. Although it doesn't compare to the ladies on here who lose stones and stones, it isn't a tiny goal either and it certainly seems a long way off to me! I just want to get a grip on my weight before it becomes a real problem for me and, since my mum got down to a size 8 on Slimming World, I thought I'd give it a go!

I was just wondering if anyone else here is hoping to lose (or has lost) a smaller amount of weight to get to target? I'm talking two stone or under, really.

I know the weight loss journey can be drastically different depending on how much, or little weight you have to lose. I don't hear that many stories in group on smaller weight losses, so any advice, tips or stories on how to get there and what to expect in terms of loss would be to great. Thanks!!
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I'm similar to you: 5'8" and 11st 8lbs, but ideally would like to be 10st, which would put me nicely towards the lower end of my healthy weight range instead of hovering just under 25 BMI. Lost 2.5lbs in my first week (was 11st 10.5lbs when I started). I don't expect the weight to come off quickly: just 1/2-1lb a week is fine, as long as I lose steadily. I'd like to be at target in time for my 30th birthday in October.
He he, just noticed in your stats that you have a very unhealthy BMI: only 7, you are seriously underweight! But then, that's not surprising at 10 feet 10 inches!!
He he, just noticed in your stats that you have a very unhealthy BMI: only 7, you are seriously underweight! But then, that's not surprising at 10 feet 10 inches!!
Haha yeah I don't know what's up with that! I guess the programme that calculates it is broken or something :)

Okay, thats interesting. I lost 2 pounds in my first week too (although I was only half doing it because I had some unhealthy perishables to eat up, being a student I couldn't afford to let them go to waste!). Thanks!
Hello after doing slimming world before and losing 2 stone but leaving and putting a stone back on I rejoined a few weeks ago. I now have just under a stone to lose and am noticing that my losses are a little smaller then they were the first time round but I guess that's to be expected. I'll get there eventually lol x


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You are already within the healthy weight range for someone of your height (by the way you might want to change your profile - unless you really are 10 foot tall!) so it is only natural that your losses will be lower than someone with a lot to lose. And your target weight will take you to the very bottom of the healthy BMI range you perhaps you should think about whether it is a realistic goal.

As said there are lots of people with smaller amounts to lose but even those who start out larger will eventually reach a point where they are only a few pounds from target. So the plan must work otherwise there would be no target members.

But I would also recommend doing some exercise and weight training as this will help you burn calories and tone up. You might find that just toning up a bit will mean you don't need to go to quite such as low weight.

Good luck!
hey am the same i only lost 1lb this week but am happy with that as i only have 1st 5lb to lose to reach my target as long as i lose a pound a week am all for that :)

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