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Advice for losing weight when no exercise is allowed?

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Hi all,

I'm a brand new member looking for some inspiration. I am getting married next year (winter 2012) and so have about a year and a half to lose weight. And there's a lot to lose! About 6 stone ideally, and even that would be the minimum i'd want to lose. I could do with losing about 8 in total but think that might be a bit optimistic in that time.. I have had several ankle surgeries and am waiting for another one and have been banned from doing any exercise at all (including swimming!) for the last 3 years which means I can't use that to help me lose anything, and its actually made me put on weight so I'm now 20 stone.

I dont eat a high fat or sugar diet, (no takeaways, no ready meals, no crisps or biscuits). My real issue is portion control, as even thought i eat lots of home made meals, cooked from scratch, with lots of veggies etc, I get really hungry with an hour or two if I dont have a really big plate of food.

My doctor tried me on Orlistat last year (Xenical) but it didnt do anything (I guess because I dont really eat a lot of fat). And I am now panicking that I've got a year and a half to lose loads of weight and I dont know how to get going? Any tips?
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you might want to try even Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople it uses a similar concept than fitnesspal, but I prefer their system it's easier to use and the tracker shows you even proteins, carbs, fat and fibre and the target that you have for all these nutritions and not only calories. Even SP is absolutely free!
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I am such an expert on that. LOL the only thing I do daily is watch what I eat. I would have a healthy cerial for breakfat and nice healthy snack for lunch, then after that I have dinner.

Another thing to do is eat your heaviest meal earlier. There if u have a light halthy snack later then its ok. As long as the heavy meal was eatten while your metabolism is still working hard. Smile.


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Im 56, post menopausal and type 2 diabetic to boot, and I dont exercise, just too lazy, so all the odds are pretty much stacked against me. But since May 2010 ive lost 7 stone (in fact i did it quicker than that, im now maintaining), and im thinner now than at any other time in my life, so it can be done.

Low carb is definately the way to go, you will benefit from ketosis which will put you in fat burning mode, and it will reduce your appetite. It doesnt have to be the extremes of Atkins either, I just cut out all bread pasta flour sugar and starchy veg. I eat fresh fruit, salad, green veg and small amounts of lean protein. You could also try a VLCD such as Exante to get you started, as this will get you into ketosis, and take away all the decisions about food for a while.

It can be done, you just have to get your head round it and be determined.


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to loose a pound = dropping 3500cal
dropping your calorie intake from 2000 to 1500. = 3500. 1pound a week.

you have 78 weeks till you get married. this means you can loose nearly 5 and a half stone just in diet alone.

maybe after a year you may be able to exercise? burn then extra pounds you need to loose to get you to your ideal weight?

Good luck :) you can do it!!
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Hi, 10 years ago I lost over 4 1/2 stone doing no exercise at all. It was similar to you in that I had a smashed heel so any exercise was out and like you I had put weight on with the inactivity.

I started on 1,350 cals a day and lowered by 100 every time I reached a plateau. Again like you, I wanted to eat a lot so I filled up on loads of veg and free-veg soup. It can be done but you have to really strict with yourself. Good Luck.



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Hi Becky, I am 76 and disabled so am not doing any exercise and even walking is very slow. I have been doing the old WW combined with Calorie counting and have lost about 2st since last April.
If you really want to do something you will find a way, so I am sure that with your forthcoming event you will get to your goal.
First of all DO start your own diary on here so that we know where to come to give you the support and encouragement that you need.
Secondly, let us know how things are going - food wise, emotions etc, and I am sure you will get there.

Take care...:)
S: 19st13lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 1st0lb(5.02%)
Thanks everyone

thanks all for your helpful comments. I will check out the calorie counting websites to see what I can do, and might start my own diary on here so I can monitor what's going on etc.. Weighed myself officially for the first time in months yesterday and I'm 19 stone 11lbs so at least thats 3lbs lighter than I had imagined! lol.. (if I dont laugh about it, i'll only cry!)

Will keep you all updated.. x

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