Advice from maintainers or cdc`s please


Gone, but who cares huh
when i was ss`ing i drank a minimum of 4ltrs a day, but im on 1500 now and really struggling to drink that much, its more like 2.5ltrs a day, is it as important to drink lots of water now im almost off, i will always drink a mimimum of 2ltrs a day as im used to lots of water now, but do i still need to be drinking like i was on ss? thanks in advance
You'll be fine on 2-2.5l

That's what they recommend for the average non-dieter and Cambridge SSer anyway.

Okay, a lot of people say they have better weight loss on SS if they drink more, but I never found that was the case for me.

So, 1500 cals and 2L+ will do fine.

Fab going BTW Gill. Can't believe you're on 1500 already. What's the plan for when you've finished 1500?
Fab going BTW Gill. Can't believe you're on 1500 already. What's the plan for when you've finished 1500?

erm blind panic :eek:

no lol, im just going to eat healthy and not like a pig, which is what i did before, i really dont want to ever ss again lol, the thought of the first few days it etched in my mind lol and im hoping it will deter any rogue binges lmao,

although you know i have no desire to go eat cream cakes or pizzas or indian meals, my whole mindset has changed about food, the idea of wasting all the time and effort i invested in losing this weight horrifies me, so im doing moderate excercise i cant do lots as this time of year is the worst for me, im riddled with arthritus and i find i can only do moderate excercise and not cripple myself,

i have changed lots of food producs the family eat to low fat/carb and we now eat much healtheir meals, much to their initial disgust lol, but they now are used to it and as long as they get a pizza night once a week they dont complain too much, and i can join in on pizza night now as i just have a ww pizza, and cos my stomache is shrunk now and my appitite is much less its sufficient, also im still getting thru 4 ltrs of water some days but mostly 2.5 or 3, so that has the effect of filling me up,

im sure i will slip now and again, im only human, but im not going to worry too much as i have decided no food will be banned in future i will just be sensible (hopefully)
Gill, sounds like you are doing really well on the maintaining. When eating normally we get a lot of our water from our food, so the vast intake we have been used to on the diet is no longer so necessary. But to keep it up to 2 litres plus is much better for your health, good for you for sustaining this.

KD, I am so pleased to hear someone else who hasn't found all that water a benefit. My CDC had originally started her own diet on LL and recommended their water intake of 4.5 litres. I have dutifully struggled with this for 4 weeks. Now on AAM I had a few days when circumstances made me cut down to 3 - 3.5, it has not affected my losses at all and I much prefer it.
So proud of you Gill :cool:
Im only human,
Me too, contrary to popular belief ;)

I've found that the old me keeps slipping back at the moment. Seemed to go so long with the head in the right place, then the fat me keeps popping in for a visit and staying for longer.

Still managed to stay at goal, but the novelty of staying on track has well worn out:(

You would think it would be well and truly ingrained by now wouldn't you:confused:

Still....I know I'll be okay. Most of the time I am, and being aware of what is happening seems to give me the strength to control it again.

I seem to go through these phases:eek:
and as long as they get a pizza night once a week they dont complain too much,
We have a pizza night. Well, I do anyway :D The rest aren't bothered, so sometimes they get something different.

Friday night is my pizza night, but I'm so darned annoyed as I can't find my favourite pizza anywhere. They just seemed to have stopped selling it.:mad:

I'm not that struck on WW ones, in fact I'm not struck on much of the WW stuff.

I was having the Ristorante individual ones. They are about 100 more calories per pizza, but yummy, really yummy. Big too for an individual one and taste like real thing.:cool: Can still get the family size ones. Might end up insisting the family have pizza, so that I can get my weekly fix :D