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Advice gratefully accepted

I am on week 3 of the diet. The first 2 weeks I basically messed about but from Monday I have been 100%. I am in ketosis this morning, albeit very pale. This is a breakthrough for me as last time I tried the diet, and this time, I have never stuck to it to get into ketosis.

Anyway my question. I have family coming for the weekend. I know I am at least cooking one big meal on the Saturday. I cook for the kids every day but cooking for a large group will be a challenge. I was trying to think of things I could have which will keep me in ketosis and not do too much damage. I don't eat meat. If I had a large mushroom stuffed with cottage cheese would that be ok?

I know I should just have my shake but when we are all around the table together I would rather have something good than breakdown and have what everyone else is having.

Thanks guys

Laura x
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Anyone?? :)
Why not have your shake and put a few vegetables on your plate (the ones that are allowed on ss+). That way if you need to eat something you can but having your shake might stop you needing much if anything.


Peggy McParrot
look at the ss+ option in your yellow book... i do ss+ so even if i go out i can have a chicken or quorn salad...... mushrooms with cottage cheese is in the thread for aam week. so that should be ok!!!!! and it sounds yummy too
Thank you guys :)

I know I should just have my shake and get over it but I wanted a back up plan! When we are all sitting at the table I could see my resolve melting away :(

Laura x
Does everyone you're cooking for know you're on the diet? If they do that might help you, and at least they won't question you if you have the shake alongside your food. It's funny I thought i'd be really tempted at a family meal but I strangely felt really full up after some broccoli! Never thought that would happen!
Yeah they know I am doing it. I think its more me caving into temptation more than anything though. It will be a good test for me and I'm going to really try! I'm on track for a good loss this week, I gained 3.5lbs last week :( after losing 5.5lbs my first week.

Thanks for your help :)

Laura x
P.S. I live for the day I am full up on broccoli!

Laura x
Remember to drink lots of water before you eat your meal, that way you will feel quite full and won't be tempted to over indulge!

Good luck x


Full Member
I like sitting down in the evening with the kids to eat. Once i've cooked for them and sat them down, i make myself a soup (cd) and sit with them. Mentally i feel like i've eaten too (hope that makes sense!)

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