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Advice? Help? Motivation?

Hi all!
I've been posting everywhere tonight trying to find a diet for me! :)
I've lost 8stone on Lipotrim in the past so I do have willpower but I regained 6 of them so I need a diet that is also a lifestyle change.

I'm thinking about joining you guys but I'm unsure, low carb diets seem fast and the Dukan one looks healthy enough too!
So confused:(

But i dunno if I could follow that forever?
Can anyone tell me on WW, if I followed it 100%, how long it would take me to lose 2stone?
I have 4 to lose but little by little!

Have any of you success stories to share?
Anything that'll kick me up the wobbly bum and make me do something, anything to shift this?

Thanks :)
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ww works for me because nothing is forbidden, low carb diets work (for me anyway) only in the short term because you soon go back to your old ways. With ww your learning portion control and how to stay full without eating too many calories or too much fat.

Most people have an initial big loss in their first week and after that they say you can expect to lose 1 or 2 lb per week but everyone is different!!

good luck whatever you choose!! :)


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Daisy, it now looks like Im stalking you! but honestly Im not - I pop on here everyday after LT as Im going back to ww after I refeed in 3 weeks. I was actually going to suggest this to you but didnt want to on the LT forum as I felt it appeared disrespectful.

I lost 7 stone on ww in 10 months.

ww say to expect 1-2lbs per week but I have found most lose on average 2lbs per week - or half a stone a month, of course it will be a little more your first month (I think) because usually your first and second week will be higher. Of course if you up the exercise you could speed things up a little. Not the great losses that are on LT but you can eat! I've said on here recently, that for those 10 months, I consistantly shrank, was able to carry on with "life" - could go out for drinks with friends, eat chocolate when I wanted and I honestly had a whole dominos pizza to myself every Friday after work!!.

Best of luck whatever you choose. I CANNOT wait to get back to ww - I love it!!!


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sorry - have to agree with Kaz about ww retraining you and giving you such good habits - really changed my life!!
Thanks for getting back to me :)
I don't know what to do. I feel like I want a quick fix though i know that's stupid as has been proven time and time again.

Does this sound silly, Low Carb Weight Watchers -as in, follow points etc but stay away from bread, pasta, rice etc?

Sorry to be an eejit but I'm so lost at the moment!

Haha I'm going to stalk you Nikki and find out what you're doing and copy!
7stone in 10 months is AMAZING, I honestly think I needed to hear something positive like that, that didn't involve powder shakes!
It seemed the only succsess I was hearing of was LT, CD, LL etc. Well I shoulda ventured over here,

drooling at the thought of your dominos! :)

I really do need something to change my life, there's no denying it, I'm an out and out binge eater. I need to turn things around and I hope this is the way to go (i'm scared to get too excited anymore! :()



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you can choose low carb options but stay within your points but again its not something you can maintain in the long run. I think you will also find yourself more likely to binge because your hungry. You only need to eat a small amount of carbs, that coupled with good protein and plenty of fruit and veg and you should see a difference in no time :)


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(Im just going to reply here because I really think Im heading to be ate by someone on LT very soon - I've been SLATING it all day long because Im so miserable on it - HATE the diet)

Your not an ejit at all!! I understand completely why you'd want a quick fix - thats why Im currently doing LT and as I said I HATE it, its utter hell to me. I cant wait to get back to ww, that said, thats just ME, i dont want to disrespect it or anyone on it because it obviously works and some find it fabulous and love it!. I promised myself I would do tfr for 3 weeks and 3 days and then refeed for 7 days (then I've a wedding). Im as stubborn as a mule and a bit odd so as miserable as I am, I WILL see it out for the time I said. Am counting the hours.

There isnt really a need to low carb on ww but it cant but help. Id actually advice, if you did choose ww, to do kickstart for a week or 2 (this is where you eat 18 points a day if your under 14 stone and 22 if over 14 stone), this really spurred my losses at one stage, even though I think I was 11 stone, I lost something like 6lbs or something. Your not supposed to do it for more than a week though but you could do it every couple of weeks, if you know what I mean.

God... I cant wait to get back here!!! sorry for being SUCH a huge negative moan..x


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Daisy, I got to LIVE for those 10 months though... as I said I went out, went on a sun holiday and had christmas - all why loosing and enjoying and eating - thought me such healthy habits. If not for the pregnancy and illness and bed rest I KNOW for a fact I wouldnt have gained it all - I had the lovliest approach to food after ww - something I was searching for for years, as I like you, was serious binge eater and nothing else worked.

When I got to goal, I would stick to ww Mon - Fri and then do what I wanted at the weekends - this maintained my weight perfectly!!
No i'm delighted to hear someone speak honestly about LT cos all i get are two extremes, I'm not slagging cos I used to be one of those extremes! But it's very rare to get someone like myself say it IS hell but can be handy for a quick boost but it will not train away all my dreadfull habits!
I love love healthy food and i was educated very well food wise by my parents so I can't blame ignorance. When I moved out I just became lazy and ordered take away or ate micro meals all the time,

I need something I can follow and I really believe WW could be it if I can get my head around slower losses- I'm not knocking them but as I explained in the last thread my reasons for wanting rapid losses-crazy but true. I just have to get over that.

I have a weeks worth of LT though :/ any suggestions?

God I'm rambling, apologies! :)


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Wanna do LT with me? just for a really quick weight loss boost to set us on our way to ww?? its up to you. Im doing it for exactly 2 more weeks (100% tfr) and then, tomorrow forthnight will be refeeding for one week. Im having 2 days "off" (not very sensible, I know but being honest) as I've a wedding one day and planning a severe hangover the next and will want rubbish. Am then immediately on ww kickstart on the 21st of June. Its up to you, m'love.

Am dying for quick loss too, I feel I cant leave the damn house the way Im am at the minute. So embarrased and self conscious. Thats why Im doing LT briefly, to loose a quick stone or so and then on to ww so I wont be so damn miserable anymore...
I'd love to! I'm way to broke at the moment to even do a WW shop so it's the perfect time too :)

I'm the same, I even avoid anything my boyfriends mates will be at as I don't want them thinking "ugh what's happened to her"!! I can't get my mind off it when I'm feeling so miserable so I'd rather be preoccupied whist actually doing something about it! I'm going over to my friend in the UK on the 10th June so I'll have to refeed a few days before and try be carefull-ish while there then join WW when I come home!
Eeek I'm excited now!

:) Haha love that this started as a semi slate of LT, now here we are, LT buddies!!


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Excellent Daisy!!! am so excited - particulary when we're both heading for ww too.. Do you wanna set up a diary? So we've somewhere to chat etc..(mines in Members only but beware VERY moany). Am on maternity and as I wont really leave the house (LOL) Im online LOADS so if your struggling, Ill definately be around to kick you up the bum.

Reeeally looking forward to us shrinking together!!! in a couple of months we wont recognise ourselves. Thanks for this chick, mwah!!! x


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Actually, even better again.. I've just realised we've roughly the same amount to loose - very little in the difference woo hoo!!
Oh I'm delighted I'm not going it alone but not with someone unrealistic either :) Yippie, I've never been excited about doing a diet i haaate so much ha! It's important to keep reminding myself that I'm heading towards WW, that'll keep me motivated to stick it out!
I'll set up a diary in refeed un momento :)


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Brilliant, am looking forward to reading it - also, meant to say, dont be worrying about cost with ww, I probably shouldnt say this, but I have never attended as much as one meeting, with that, some find them invaluable so maybe you'll feel better going. I just found I received all the support and accountablility I ever needed on here.. this forum, in particular has the loveliest bunch possible. I could weigh myself once a week and didnt need to pay a tenner for it. If you need to know the points in something just ask on here, theres also some really good stickys for eating out etc.. I DID buy a starter pack on ebay though, which had an eating out guide, shopping guide (rubbish) and a ww calculator (invaluable) - you pop in cals and sat fat and it tells you the points value in anything. In the meantime, (when we start) just pop here and shout the cals and sat fat and someone will work it out for you, Im sure... actually, Im nearly positive theres an online ww calculator.. Ill look later so you may not need it at all.

As far as a shop goes, you dont need to buy ww items, just normal "cheap" food - VERY inexpensive, (I find anyway).

ooooh so excited.
I have the WW calculator and even when not dieting at all I have to have it on me always as all my dieting friends were forever texting me the cals and sat fats and demanding points! I went to one meeting and it turned me right off, we were crammed in a small room like sardines, about 35 of us got weighed and everyone left then the woman just kept talking about all her size ten clothes from Jane Norman?! Very odd and I never returned, I don't need the meeting but defo could do with a few of the books etc and I'd love a little food diary :) so i'll get all that in the next two weeks while shrinking :)

Nervous about weighing myself tomorrow ugh! But excited I'm now finally motivated!

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