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Advice! Is it as complicated as it looks??


Slowly but surely!
Hi Guys

Been trying every diet going over the last few months and not having much luck at anything as I HATE being hungry lol!! My aunt had great sucess on Slimming World and told me to give it a go and am joining Thursday at my local group, been reading though on here and it does look quiet complicated, please tell me as you get into it is easier lol

Thanks guys :)
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Emma I promise you it is really simple, once you get the hang of it that is, haha

Best thing to do is what your doing & that's to go along to a group & join. Reason being your consultant will give you a talk to go through everything with you & explain each of the plans. (saying that she may only really tell you about extra easy as its the new plan, but I'm sure she will go over each plan with you - if not ask!)

But after a couple of days learning about things it will click. Then you can always use this forum for help & advice, there's tonns of info on here that will help you out.

You'll be fine!!!


Slowly but surely!
Thanks guys, just won a load of cookbooks on ebay so hopefully they will come in handy... Is Extra Easy the way to go for best results?? Was preparing myself for cutting out carbs and trying mostly red days.

Thanks again :)


Slowly but surely!
Shell y - Thanks! Your losses are great hopefully it will work as well as me, ive already prepared my 3 and 5 year olds that mealtimes are going to change while ive been on slimfast we have been eating seperatly and I miss our chats at the table hence lots of cookbooks lol
Don't tell yourself now that it is too complicated or you will put yourself off. There are lots of people following the plans out there, and they can't all be cleverer than you!!! (Just teasing!)

When you go to your class, listen to the new members talk carefully, go home with your books and read them carefully. Then read them again. And again! You will soon get the hang of it.

Check out the advice on this website and on the SW official website.

Good luck.
It seems complicated at first but you'll soon get the hang of it after a few days. Good luck!


Fighting the bulge
Hello and welcome to SW!!!

Its definitly not as complicated as it at first seems, for the 1st week it'll all seem a bit much but it will just click and suddenly everything makes sense. Your book will be your bible and we are here in the mean time :D

Different plans suit different people, i follow EE but i do red days every now and again. Id suggest trying them all for a week to see whats best for you.

Good luck xxxx
It's so, so straightforward once you get the hang of it! Extra Easy is (I found) the easiest to follow, but I didn't lose too well on it so moved onto Red and Green - they were harder to get my head round after Extra Easy, but again they're nice and simple once you get into them.

Be prepared to spend the first few days looking at your book religiously and writing things down to keep track (I still do this six months on!), but you'll soon get into it. And use the knowledgeable folk here to your advantage if you're confused about anything!

Good luck!
i just started last thursday (well i say started, my 1st real day is today as i was at a music festival all weekend so it was a little difficult to do!)
i have re read the informationt oday and must admit i am very confused by it all. I am on EE (doing it online) but have read many times that people seem to do better on red / green days

i am just going to take each day as it comes. EE to start with and onec i get my head around that then i may try a different plan, depending on my results
hey there hun. ;) just to start off, Welcome to SW. :D

well i think everyone took a few days to get their heads around how this plan works. but once you have the basics drilled into your skull, everything is easy. just remember that if you have any questions, or need any help you can always ask your consultant, fellow group members and us. :D don't think that you'll ask a silly question, because we've all been there and we want you to do the best you can with SW.

personally i like red days the best since i'm a major meat fan. :) but i lose the most on green days. ee just doesn't suit me at all LOL. so just try each on and you'll see what works most for you.

red/green days= two healthy extra a's and b's.
red- is meat, Healthy extras b's can be green stuff like potatoes. or the usual bread
green - is vegetables, Healthy extra b's can be meat, or the usual bread ;)
ee - a mixture of the above but only get 1 Healthy extra a and 1 healthy extra b, as oppossed to two.

well that's my brain fried version when i got the hang of it. :D


Honestly its a skoosh, I think we build ourselves up to look for the complicated or "trick" part on this as it seems too good to be true at times.

And don't pigeon hole yourself about what days to do, EE is the plan touted at class BUT theres no reason why you shouldnt have a couple of days on each plan to see which one suits. Have a day about if you like. Theres no rule against it.

The biggest "head block" for me was getting around portions and getting used to the idea that I can eat as much as I like, when I like. It didn't seem right, but hey ho, its working.

I would definitely plan your week when you start, even a day in advance as I found it much easier to stick to a plan, now 6 weeks in I don't need to do that at all as its all coming naturally.

Good luck, you'll love it :D
its not hard once u get your head round the plan its a great way for the whole family to eat the same foods and nothing u cant have its great best thing i ever did joining sw :) good luck
I never did SW in all the years I was dieting because it looked very complicated - red days and green days, and I never liked the idea of cutting out my carbs. A friend joined earlier this year and showed me her books for the Extra Easy so I decided to give it a go.

It looks complicated but it isn't - in fact, once you get the basics it is soooooo much easier than other diets because a lot of the time there's no weighing or measuring (who wants to be weighing out their brussel sprouts like some sort of obsessive!).

I have only done EE so far, and am losing OK on that, but then I have a lot to lose. The red and green looks a little bit more complicated!
Remember - your consultant is there to help you outside of group times, don't ever guess anything and if you are stuck, just ask!!
Someone here can always help too :)
Well done on joining, and it's not complicated - just keep on reading that book!

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