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Hi, I am on aam week, and I have worked late with my team and we are off to an indian. Would I be able to have tandoori chicken and small salad leaves? I don't want to seem unsociable and my manager would be really angry with me if I don't as it's a bonding thing.
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Thank you so much! I have been worrting all day about it! I have my choc bar for a desert so I will be ok!!! Thanks you have saved my life!!!


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enjoy!! just the fact that you have worried about it and found a solution proves that you are doing fab and are going to be right back on it again tomorrow morning

well done


ooh good luck - can you not have plain chicken? It's so awkward - shame they can't be more supportive - I have now gone on 2 work meals and just had a glass of water and everyone has been great.

Good luck with whatever you have