Advice needed from you lot!! :-)


The Diet Guy
I went for an audition on Saturday to go on a new show called Million Pound Giveaway where you go on and ask for cash for something!!

I went to the audition and asked for 5 grand for a tummy tuck!!

Anyway they have called tonight to say I was successful and can go on the show!!


They want me to strip off and show my tummy!!!

What do you reckon? Apparently it is only my top and not the full monty but I am totally undecided and thought i would ask you lot!!


Hi Mike

You didn't strike me as the shy and retiring type I would have thought it would be a great opportunity for you on your ongoing mission. However, I think it has to be your decision only you know how comfortable/uncomfortable that would make you.

Best of luck, I will certainly be watching.

Dizzy x
I did wonder if I could get the Cambridge Diet into the piece if I had it tatooed on my tummy :)

I will give it a go I think, it will be something to laugh about on here.

Go for it - dont think of the before , think of the after!!
Go for it Mike, take your before pic too if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you manage to get on all these game shows:rolleyes:

I really hope you win, it would be the cherry on top of the icing on the cake for you, you deserve it too x
You are a right star aren't you?
I would show your belly - make it as floppy as you can - practise positions in front of the mirror - you want to win don't you?
Good luck Mike!
Let us know when you are on!
Yay Mike, do it! It's just the same as all of us wanting to get an Extreme Makeover.:D

These progs always show people in their undies or bikinis because otherwise we'd all look really slim and taut instead of being all wobbly:D Let's face it our bodies do look better clothed don't they?

Just think of the washboard stomach you'll have if you win it. And the abs! Then you can get a CD tat to match hehe!:D
well whatever you decide i wish you luck, i saw a trailer for that show, and wish i had the nerve to go n, i was gonna ask for something similiar, good luck
Hi Mike,

GO FOR IT M8. You could always get the CD bit in by sticking a label across your tum saying "Courtesy of Cambridge Diet!!".:D

Only you know if you are comfy enough to do this though. It has to be your decision but I'm sure you would be able to do lots of promotion about why you are there.

Best Wishes,

I think you should go for it too.

You may convert more potential dieters and it doesn't sound like the sort of show where they'd want to humiliate you.
You did say you would do a Robbie when you lost your weight:D There you go now's your chance;)

Its worth a go but of course only you can make that decision.
Congratulations Mike on being asked!!!

Not everyone gets the chance and who knows you may win:D :D :D

Wishing you the best of luck.

Love Mini xxx
Who is the presenter?

I'd be suspicious of the presenter...its not Dale Winton is it?!!!!!! lol
If it got me closer to the reality of a tummy tuck then I'd do it. Might be me in your shoes this time next year!

As has already been reminded, you did promise a full monty! Showing your apron will be an absolute breeze in comparison. Only one question - how does Mrs Moose feel about it?

You'll make the decision that's best for you.

God bless
OK I have said yes !! They have promised it is boxer shorts on so won't have to stand there on national TV in the nude.

Watch this space!! Should be a giggle.

Well done Mike for getting on the show.

You have done so well to get where you are.. :D
Good luck with that, Mike - you're a brave man!! Do you think if you win, then they'll have you back to show off your tummy tuck? Sounds very exciting!!