Advice needed. Hungry all the time!!


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I started slimming world just over 2 weeks ago and I am struggling so much with hunger. I am hungry all the time! I am eating regularly too as well as drinking lots of water. I have recently cut wheat from my diet as I am intolerant and I am also a vegetarian. Could it be that the snacks I'm eating are things like bananas and apples? I am an NHS worker so I have a disruptive schedule and I have managed to avoid snacks at work, always have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Morning snack and afternoon snack. I am eating my healthy extras and my syns. I am eating lots of the "s" and "p" labelled foods...

Please help, I am close to ditching the diet completely although I've lost almost half a stone in 2 weeks.

I am 5"4 and weigh 11st. Hoping to get down to 9st 7lb.
You need to be able to increase your protein intake without he meat.

I also work for NHS and do shifts so know what it's like to work a 12/13/14hour day and not know when your next break will be.

Have you tried the easy egg cups from the website?? Obviously you'd miss out the ham, but you can chop the ingredients the night before... then in morning crack 2eggs in then 2 mins in microwave.... really quick.

Lunch and dinner go for things like jacket potato, pastas, grains like cous cous etc..... whatever is wheat free (supermarkets have great free from selections these days). Even if its a pasta salad you made the night before (or, like I do, I make enough pasta lunches for my shifts on my off days before)

I'm new to slimming world but I think things like pulses are free (please correct me if not)?? Add kidney beans or similar to soups and salads etc for protien.
I'm new as well & came across this fab recipe. Had to change up with what I had in house so used red lentils instead if quinoa & beans. It was soooooooooo good & VERY filling. I would have a cup an hour before my evening meal & it really helped keep portion sizes sensible.

10 year old daughter loved it too & eats it at room temperature so may be good to have on hand for breaks.

If I'm particularly hungry I also try to include small portion of brown rice - seems to be a good filler!

Best of luck.
Hi. I would say is. Boiled eggs. De-shell in a container and eat when hungry. I always do that. I also warm up a can of beans that hits the spot. Try also adding chickpeas and kidney beans to your salad. They are protein and they fill you up. When I'm doing EE they are always on my plate with salad. I've never gained since I started.
Hope this helps
I'm not vegetarian so not much help that way but I do know you shouldn't be hungry on SW so defo try above suggestions.

I work for nhs too so to stop me snacking I try to help big lunch smaller dinner. I try having things like baked potatoes or pasta for lunch. Maybe batch cook some mixed beans chilli, can be had with rice, salad or baked potato. Àlso stir frys can be filling. The SW frozen soups are nice and vegetarian friendly and very filling esp if you use your heb with it. I don't know if you like quorn or any meat substitutes, could use that to bulk up meals too.

Quiche, omelette, stuffed mushrooms/peppers etc can be filling too.

Good luck x
Mugshots are great for a hunger pang, and very quick to make. I second eggs and baked beans. Slimming world chips are brilliant if you're hungry at home, and the best thing to stop you quitting the diet because I can't believe I'm allowed them. It sounds like you're doing brilliantly, so maybe just increase the carby/protein things that will fill you up without having to feel guilty about them.
I think you need to try the Green plan as a vegetarian so you can increase what carbs you are allowed and enjoy the benefit of 2 HEXB's and the option of 2 HEXA's. Of course this would need to fit in with your wheat tolerance but I think it would help with your hunger too. If you are at group I would ring or email your consultant about this now. Good luck and don't give up! :D
Thanks everyone, the snack ideas have been really useful!

Work has been super busy so snack planning I think is a must for the coming shifts (which are nights - makes it harder somehow!).

I went quite off plan for the weekend and ate lots of food which wasn't diet friendly. And wine. And chocolate. But it's fine and I am well and truly back on the wagon now. And hungry!

Jean, I am doing slimming world at home so I don't have a consultant. I don't suppose you have any more details of the green days do you?

Yes try Facebook and type in Slimming World Green days. There is a group you can subscribe to and the plan is there for you. The nuts and bolts of it is 2 HEXA & 2 HEXB, unlimited pasta, potatoes, rice, grains etc, but any meats and fish can only form part of your healthy extra and are measured amounts or have to be synned if you go above the set amounts (Won't apply to you as a vegetarian). Because of the additional healthy extras you could have for example, milk and cheese in a day plus cereal and bread, plus all your free food including veg and fruit and your syns. Good luck :D
I would really recommend eating more protein, that keeps me really full. Boiled eggs are great, I always do them a bit under so they are still a little soft in the middle, otherwise it feels like the yolk gets stuck in my throat! Quinoa, beans, tofu and tempeh are also a good source of protein. And Quorn sausages are only 1 syn each