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Advice needed on life after LT


I'm going to do the re feed programme on tuesday when I have my week 4 WI.

I am loath (and scared) to do it really as I am in full swing of TFR but I'm away with my OH at the weekend and although I know I wont pig out we will be dining out and having a couple of drinks. I cannot expect him to dine alone so I would like to join him in at least having a small plate of protein based food.

My concern is what to do after re feed as I want to carry on losing weight. I may try to jump back on TFR straight away monday morning when I get back as I am planning to keep in Ketosis.

If not and I was to start doing Atkins or a very low carb version of slimming world or even LT maintenance plan, would I lose weight as I would have pre LT or has being on LT cocked me up for further immediate weight loss on any other diet straight after doing LT?

Hope this makes sense! Any advice good or bad is more than welcome xx
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When your in ketosis, your body's glycogen stores have been used up due to low carb intake. Therefore, unless you stay in ketosis, your body will start to replenish your glycogen. Truthfully, if your still in ketosis you may have a loss, if you have carbs which take you out of it you may have a STS or a small gain, which wouldn't be fat but glycogen.
But if I continued to diet out of ketosis after the next WI would I continue to lose in the normal manner when dieting? Or would it take a while for my stores to be replenished with possibly a weekly gain before my body caught up with itself.

I'm scared stiff of not being able to lose weight again on anything but LT.

Hope I'm making sense.


Getting married July 2011
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Hey, I'm a bit confused, are you planning to refeed or planning to stay in ketosis?

I f you refeed, it won't really matter what diet you do when you return, you'll lose the standard 1-2lb per week, and you probably won't have a loss during your refeed week.

If you try to stay in ketosis, you'd have to do LT, or atkins when you get back, if you did anything else you'd come out of ketosis, and would gain a lot of glycogen/water weight. I think that strategy is very risky, although you probably would have a loss this week. If you're going to drink alcolhol you absolutely have to follow the 7 day refeed programme first.

If I was you I'd postpone the holiday, or go and not eat (I couldn't do that, I'd just postpone), and failing that, I'd Refeed to the letter, and then attempt to get back into LT the day after you come back, tho Week 1 Take Two will be hard.

Best of luck, let us know what you decide and how you fare.

Love Guen


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Hi Molly, personally, I would just stick with my LT even while on holiday. I did that when on holiday abroad and it is really do-able! It saved me the hassle of dealing with going in and out of ketosis, worrying about starting again and dealing with tempting food items. A good option if you don't mind just staying on LT.
Thanks for all your advice. I'm going to be sat in a romantic restaurant with my OH so I cant not have something in front of me. My head is messed up big time with it all.


Getting married July 2011
S: 18st0lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 47.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.79%)
It's difficult, really difficult. Only you know how important respective things are to you. My life pretty much stopped for 6 months, and while I'm happy now, I don't think I can definitely say it was worth it.


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