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Advice needed please :)


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Hello folks,my mam has asked me to post for advice on her behalf as she doesnt have an active account here.

She is not getting enough fat at all. She hates cream, fatty meat, oily fish and things with mayo in them. Is there anything you would recommend to eat to boost fat intake. Avocado and eggs are all i can think of.
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what about cooking things in coconut oil? cheese?
sausages or frikadellen, burgers? frying cabbage and veg in butter?


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Yesterday she had,
2 sausage, 2 bacon and 1 egg
2 avocados
2 haddock fillets
3 broccolli florets

Everything i eat she doesnt really like so my experiance is useless.
She says she will try the coconut oil thingy. I have some that i can give her.
Cheese tends to stall her a bit also.


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shes doing fast fat for 3 days, yesterday was the last day of that. She started at 214.5lbs and is now 216lbs :0
oh b*gger :(
Maybe its just one of those things and the diets not for her?
my friend was sticking to atkins to the letter, she lost 6 lbs then gained it all and after 4 weeks still nothing so she has got really peed off and given up. I know sometimes you do need a change to make it work. thats why i did dukan - gave me a kick up the bum! TBH ive never lost amazing quickly or reliably on atkins anyway!


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I should add that she has done this diet before and it did work great for her, she lost 3 stone in 6ish months but the last 2 times shes tried she didnt lose weight or inches and she was deffo in ketosis.
I think (and there was a discussion about it somewhere on here or dukan) that once we have fannied on going in and out of ketosis it doesnt seem to work as well!
what other diets has she tried and whats her downfall? Mine is pizza and bread and cheese LOL


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Hi Marysu,

I'm no expert - I'm only in week 2 and around 6lbs down so far (pending weigh in on Friday!), and the last time I did Atkins for any length of time was about ten years ago when I lost a similar amount to your mum the first time around.

Anyways - one thing I have discovered is that broccoli is quite high carb, and avocado should be limited. Have you checked the sausages she is eating too - quite a few have breadcrumbs or "rusk" in...

As for trying to avoid fat - that's not really feasible on Atkins. Would Dukan be better? Low carb again, but less focus on high fat?

As I say, I am no expert - but maybe try a couple of days with the avocado cut back, the broccoli replaced with cabbage or spinach or something - maybe stirfry some meat with cabbage, beansprouts, peppers and a splash of soy sauce.... or something... and stick to bacon and eggs, or scrambled egg and salmon or similar. Get back to basics and see how she does.

Good luck xx
Plenty more greens need to be added, and perhaps butter on veggies to add to the daily fat content? Cheese of course if it doesn't slow losses. Coconut oil mmm yes! Can fry fish or other foodstuffs in it, for one thing.

And I agree, try to stay in ketosis. Jumping in and out hinders progress.
I've told her so keep at it as she is coelic (sp?) and it helps her low days that u get from eating high carb.
The sausages that she eats are the same ones i do, truly irish ones as they are excellent quality.
She has tried other diets but they do not work at all, this is the only one that ever worked.
I've been with her all day up to an hour ago and she has done great today. She also swam for 40mins so that was great.
Maybe it will just come off in a whoosh. I really dont want her to get dis-heartened as her weight is causing her a number of health issues. She's only 5' 1'' so that is a lot of weight to be carrying around.
Fingers crossed on a scale movement tomorrow.
AH I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN. but as spotty says maybe dukan would be better as pretty much same principles but much less fat?
have the docs tested her metabolism or anything? maybe some supplements would help...bladderwrack speeds up the metabolism if lazy thyroid (although we shouldnt really mess with these). also the coconut oil is supposed to be great for weight loss so she can try that!
Think i'll make her stick out the week and see how she gets on. She's had numerous tested done lately not sure what most were for. She loves chilli as even eats it on eggs ha ha, that supposed to be good for your metabolism i think.

Thanks ever so much for all the suggestions xx
yes is supposed to be good for the metaboism.

Ooh i could plan her meals out for her you know me ;)
Oh i bet you could hunni and everyone elses too LMAO. I nearly as bad. I do lists of what lists need doing. But i usually lose mine.
love the coconut oils , add butter to veg , there is a frozen brekkie sausage in tesco thats lower in carb then the truly irish .

scrambled eggs with butter/cream and pepper , big als burger with chorizo , black coffee with cocnut oil .

will keep thinking and get back to yyou :)

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