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Advice needed please!

Hi all,

I am new to posting here so want to say hello but also I am in desperate need of advice.
I did the diet about 18 months ago and lost 3 stone and then stupidily didn't follow the steps up and put it al back on.

I am back on SS and have made it to day 7. My head is in the right place but physically I feel terrible.

I still feel light headed and now sick all the time, especially after having my shake.

In addition I have had some period type bleeding which should not be happening as the pill I take means I don't get periods at all so this is unusual.

Has anyone got any advice? I can't face having another shake at the moment but really want this to work.
Have text my CDC but no reply as yet and as it's a Sunday I feel it's not fair to call her.

Thanks in advance. x
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ok...it sounds like you're having a rough time hun - well done on coming back & taking back control...:)

Now - how much water are you drinking hun? :)

debs xx
I am drinking at least 2 1/2 litres a day plus tea so don't think it can be that. Don't feel hungry at all or want food but feeling sick as a dog so worried about how to keep going.
Try increasing your water - slightly - to maybe about 3 litres of plain water per day along with the teas...

Hopefully things should improve - everyone is different hun - some feel fantastic almost immediately - unfortunately others do take longer, it is also a possibilty that you have developed an intolerance to lactose, if things dont settle down - it may be worth changing shakes to the lactose free options.

You could try making up just half a shake at a time hun - so that you have a smaller drinks, rather than a full one - especially if your gagging it down, thats not pleasant at all.

It is very early in the diet for your period to be affected, with this and the sickness I have to ask - is pregnancy a possibilty at all???? :confused:

I really hope you feel better soon xx

debs xx


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Exactly what I was going to ask Deb.
I wouldn't have thought pregnancy was a likely option. Have been on the pill for over 10 years and am always very careful about taking it. I will check now to be sure just in case (went to the shops but couldn't get a test anywhere on a sunday night!).

I forced myself to have a poridge and felt slightly better but still feel really sick. Just hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling better because I am now at my wits end and don't think I can carry on feeling like this as I won't be able to work effectively.

Thanks for the advice. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day.

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