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Advice needed please


Mad as a Hatter
I have been on this forum before - only for a couple of weeks as I really struggled on CD and ended up switching to WW.

I have now been doing WW for 5 weeks and am recycling the same 3lbs - off some weeks, on again the next, and I am getting very upset with myself - time and time again

In your opinion, is it worth me trying CD once more to see how I get on - I think it will be easier to manage now we are coming into summer and the nicer - well hopefully, weather..

I know you guys are great for support and I just need some of that right now !!


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Stubborn tortoise
We can't really answer that one honey... it has to be you!

All diets work, but only if your head is in the right place. Maybe time to do some thinking and work out why and how you want to lose the weight, and why CD & WW haven't been the perfect fix-all for you up until now. I know that if you stick to CD 100% it WILL work, & don't know your reasons for switching last time... but I'd say try to get your motivation straight and get yourself as prepared and determined as you can. CD can be tough, so you have to be up for the challenge.

May be worth thinking about looking at some of the reasons you have broken diets in the past... for me, looking at the head stuff has been even more important than the physical stuff of losing weight, and of course the two are totally tied up together as well. Good luck Madferret... hope to see you back on here soon, if and when you are ready!

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I was the same, been on WW and to be fair lost 2 and a half stone. However recently it was just so slow going and I felt I was going to only ditch 2lb every month and I would be here for years losing the weight. I decided to try CD and boy was I in the right frame of mind to stick to it. I am on day 16 I think, and yes it is hard, but people are giving me "wow, you HAVE lost weight" comments already - after only 16 days!!!
If you want this bad enough, you CAN stick to it. Make a chart, put a month's worth of days on it, and promise yourself you will do it for a month. Four weeks is nothing. Commit to it, and then see how you fell after a month, I bet you feel very good actually.


Mad as a Hatter
Thanks for your comments, I understand that my head needs to be in the right place and this time I think that it is... I am so frustrated with myself for giving up on CD last time - I could have been a lot slimmer than I am now if I hadnt given up.
I have done a great deal of soul searching in the past few days - and realised that a lot of my problems are alcohol related... not that I am an alcoholic or anything, but my willpower seems to disintigrate whenever I have a drink...
By doing CD I would be removing alcohol all together and think that I would have a better chance of success...

God you will be sending me to AA next ...

Cd has many different steps so if you don't feel you can stick to SS .. you can do SS+ that way you can have a small meal or 810, maybe have a think about starting cd but maybe on a higher plan to start with

Just looking at your ticker as your goal weight is the same as mine 126 but i am only 5’2 and at this goal i know i will look very slim as i have in the past and was wondering if maybe your have set your goal weight too low this could be why not so motivating ... maybe aim for the top end of a healthy bmi see how you feel look when you get to that?


Mad as a Hatter
Yeah I think you are right - I am kidding myself that I can be the way that I was when I met hubby - but then again that was 10 years and 2 kids ago !!

I think I will revisit my stats and see if it looks any better

Thanks for all your kind words and advice



Regular Member
I do think it is easier in the Summer because you don't eat much usually in the sun and it is easier to drink more.
The month target suggested is a great idea, the 1st week's loss itself is truely motivational.
I hate some diets where your scales faff about with the same few pounds each week, at least with cd they will go down if you stick with it.
Good luck.
Your a lovely height i am sure your be able to look just as nice at a higher BMI ,

sadly my CDC also told me sometimes as we get older we can not go back to the weight we were in our late teens early tweenties i wanted to be 8 or 8 1/2 stone she said to me nope it really won't suit you and it's too low, now i feel i haven't got such a long jounery,

set yourself mini goals that can also help break up the weight goal and helps it seem possible,

good luck ... x


Mad as a Hatter
Thank you all..

I have just been in touch with my CDC and she has welcomed me back with open arms. I have an appointment with her at 13:15 this afternoon..
I am excited but I also feel sick to the pit of my stomach.... I can do this !!



Silver Member
Hi - you obviously want this a lot or you wouldn't be doing it. I am waiting to get back onto CD after surgery and can't wait.

Good Luck and keep posting


Mad as a Hatter
Good luck to you too Wilma - take care after your surgery !!

I am thinking of maybe starting a blog or something - just to get my thoughts straight !

Thats a great idea a blog ... well done for making an appointment! ... you sound really upbeat about it ! this forum is a god send to me i am sure we can help if your having a weak moment - not that you will ;) x


Mad as a Hatter
Well, that's me - officially one of you CDrs...
I'm only 1/4 lb heavier than when I did it last time so maybe WW hasn't been that bad for me...
I am starting CD on Sunday as I have an all-day 60th birthday for my MIL on Saturday, and having my weigh-ins on Mondays...

Onwards and downwards



Silver Member
That's so good, only 1/4 pound heavier!! If you had breathed in you might have stayed the same LOL.
Enjoy the party but try and stay away from the carbs! Good luck for Sunday - I will be looking out for your posts :)


Stubborn tortoise
Yay Madferret, great to have you back! I am glad you have decided to go for it. Also glad you've changed stats, I am an inch taller than you and my target is way above yours even now... the target you had before would have been very tricky. I feel great at this weight, though in my far-flung youth I was well over a stone lighter. But that was then... and I feel good as I am, and will try to maintain this for a while and then maybe take it 7lbs lower, as a kind of safety net. Your new goal is right in the middle of a healthy BMI and I think you'll look fab!

See you on the threads...


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